Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Week of July 29 - Aug 4 Workouts

Mon July 29: Tempo reps at Tidelands Park
Ran 2.3 miles from School down 6th to Margarita to Bay Park Circle to Glorietta to Tidelands Park. At the park we did 12 x 400 at Tempo pace with a 15-20 second recovery between, followed by an easy 1.5 mile run back to the school. Total distance was about 7 miles.

Tues July 30: Ran with the San Diego Track Club at Balboa Park ... 5 x 3 minute reps on Bridal Trail. This was followed by 10 x 100 meter strides and core.

Wed July 31 : Long run on your own

Thur Aug 1: Speed day... Ran from school to Coronado Ave to Ocean to Loma to Star Park (2 miles). At Star, after dynamics, 10 flying 30 meter sprints (full speed) were done. Finished with 2 miles back to school. Adding the jogging around the park after each sprint, the sprints, the warm-up, the cool down, and the strides around 5 1/2 miles were covered.

Friday Aug 2: I and R reps
Ran to Tidelands 6th-Glorietta-Under the bridge (1.5 miles).
Then 3 x 1000 at I (Interval pace) ... see Daniels chart on this blog. with 3 minutes between
Followed by 3 x 400 at "R: pace ... again see Daniels chart.
Followed by 1.5 mile easy back to school.
Distance covered all told (including strides and dynamics) was around 6 miles.

Sat-Sun (Aug 3-4)..  on your own to meet distance goals for the week.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Week of July 22-28 Workouts

Mon 22 July
Fartlek... Ran from School to Alameda to 1st to Orange (1.5 miles) and did Dynamics  on grass near bay at junction of 1st and Orange. Then 4 x 100 meter pickups on grass between Orange and SD Bay.  After this we followed the shoreline doing a series of pick-ups to Tidelands Park (.8 mile)  with the last 500 meters or so a pretty fast tempo run. Then easy from Tidelands, under the bridge to the beginning of the bike path next to the golf course (.35 miles). Then race pace (5k) 1/4 mile run along the bike to old toll booth. Then easy to Glorietta to the golf course maintenance shed where we did 10 x Golf Course Berm repeats (200 meters approx total). Then 1 mile of pickups to the ramp along Pomona where we ran hard up the ramp 4 times (128 meters). Then an easy jog of a little over a mile down 10th to D back to the school... Total distance was a little over 6 miles.

Tues 23 July
 Easy run for those who did the workout on Monday, 1.5 mile timed run for the ones who didn't, followed by core at Tidelands for both groups. Route was School to Coronado to Ocean to Star Park where we did dyamics (2 miles). Then 1/2 mile with a couple of pick-ups to the crosswalk at Pomona and Glorietta, the start of the 1.5 mile run. The end of the 1.5 mile run is just past the Coronado Bridge, about 5 yards. After a little jogging we did core.  The recovery group did about 5.3 miles, the others around 6 miles.

Wed 24 July - Speed Development day
Ran from school down 6th to Coronado to Sunset Park (1.2 miles)
After dynamics we ran  10 x 100  barefoot on grass at 400 meter pace.. after each 400 runners continued around the edge of the park so each "100" actually covered 435 meters for a total distance of  2.7 miles.
After a short cool down Core drills were done.
A 1-mile jog back to the school made this workout cover around 4.9 miles.

Thur 25 July - 5-8 on your own

Friday 26 July - Strength workout... Dunes on Coronado Beach
Ran from the school to Sunset Park (1.2 miles) where we warmed-up with dynamics and strides.
Then we ran from the restrooms at North Beach to the "C" in the "Coronado" dunes (see photo below) ... a distance of about .71 miles. Rested a few minutes, then ran back. The second time the boys stopped at the first break in the dunes 707 meters, walked 157 meters to the start of the "Coronado" part, ran to the "C", took a 1 minute break, then ran Coronado part, walked the 157 meter flat part, then ran the last part back to the finish. The girls ran the first part, took a short break, than ran back. Bottom line is the boys had around 4260 meters (2.65 miles)  of  dunes, the girls around 3700 meters (2.3 miles) of the same. This was followed by core in Sunset Park and a 1-mile jog back to the school. Total distance for boys was around 5 miles, for girls, around 4.6 miles. However, the dune distance was measured on Google Earth as a straight line. The actual running of the dunes was significantly longer because everyone was instructed to go for the high dunes along the path so there was a bit of back-and-forth. Impossible to know how much additional distance to add... excellent workout today.

Coronado Dunes Click to Enlarge
Sat-Sun July 27-28: On your own to meet distance goals for the week

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Week of July 15 - 21 Workouts

15 July Mon... Tempo Intervals
Warm-up from school to Tidelands Park where we ran three tempo intervals of 2 miles, 1.5 miles, and 1 mile with about a 3 minute break in-between. The target pace was about 1-minute per mile slower than estimated current mile time. Afterward we did core and ran easy back to school. Total distance covered was around 7.2 miles.

2-mile, 1.5-mile, 1-mile Tempo Runs at Tidelands

July 16-17 ... 5-8 base on your own

July 18 Thurs: Hills at Pomona Park ... Warm up School, down 5th to Glorietta, Dynamic Stretching at end of Glorietta and 4th. Strides along Glorietta to Pamona 10sec, 20sec, runner's choice. At Pamona 7 x 200m hard up Grassy side... walk/jog back down.. Core, easy back to school down down 10th to E... Distance was 6.5 miles

July 19th Tempo Intervals at Sunset Park:  School to Sunset (1.2mi) Dynamics 10-13 x 400 at 1 minute slower than mile pace) 15-30 sec jog rest. Core... Jog back to school ... Distance about 5.5 mi.

July 20-21 (Sat/Sun) on own... long run encouraged

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Week of July 8 - 14 Workouts

Monday July 8th.
Several of our runners were out of town or missing today but those who were present did our 1st VO2Max workout of the summer.
Originally I'd planned 3 x 1-mile at Tidelands but cut it back to 1 mile and 2 x 800 because after the first mile it was obvious that the original plan was a little too ambitious for the 1st session.
Warm-up was a 2 1/4 mile run from the school down Palm to 1st then along the Silver Strand Bikeway to Tidelands Park. After the 2-miles of Reps we did our usual core session followed by a 1.4 mile run under to bridge back to the school... Adding dynamics and strides to this, the total distance covered was nearly 6 miles. The course we used for the reps was the Tidelands 1/2 mile shown in the previous week's training ... for the mile we ran the course twice without stopping.
Tuesday July 9... 5-8 on your own

Wednesday July 10: Speed Development
Ran from School down to Glorietta Blvd to Ocean to Sunset Park.. 2.8 miles
After dynamics we ran  10 x 100  barefoot on grass at 400 meter pace.. after each 400 runners continued around the edge of the park so each "100" actually covered 435 meters for a total distance of  2.7 miles.
After a short cool down Core drills were done.
A 1-mile jog back to the school made this workout cover around 6.75 miles.

Thursday July 11: 5-8 on your own

Friday July 12: Hill Day
Today we ran from the school down 6th to Coronado to Sunset Park but kept going to Star Park via Loma Avenue where we did our dynamic stretching. This covered around 2 miles. Then we did 4 "block pick-ups" down Loma to Orange Ave., crossed at Orange to B Ave. where we did another pick-up to 10th, jogged from 10th to 9th... pick-up for 9th to 8th, then easy from 8th to 7th, down 7th to Pamona Park. This covered about 3/4 of a mile.

Pamona Hills
At Pamona we ran fast up the steep grassy part to 8th street, turned around, walked to the grass, than ran fast downhill to the playground. Then easy back to the start... We did 7 of these continuously, covering about 2 miles.

This was followed by a 2+ mile run back to the school via Miguel, Glorietta, 10th Street, and E Street.

Total Distance covered was about  6.75 miles.

July 13-14: Sat-Sun on your own... one day should be a long run of 20% of weekly mileage (counting long run). With the exception of those just starting the long run should be no shorter than 7 or longer than 12 miles regardless of your mileage.
 By the way, as we go along the "easy" and "long runs" should be getting easier and therefore a bit faster than when you started. An "easy run" now should be at a speed that would have been a bit taxing on your first day of training.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Week of July 1st - July 7th Workouts

July 1
We started off July with Tempo Reps at Tidelands. They were 6-8 (depending on level) 1/2 mile reps at a pace estimated to be 1 minute slower than current mile pace, with a 30 second rest between. Warm-up was school to Tidelands via 1st street and the bay  (1.7 miles). Cool down was under the bridge back to the school (1.2 miles). Total distance covered including strides etc. was between 6.4 and 7.4 miles, although a few new runners did only a couple of the 800's .
See map below.
Tidelands 1/2 mile
July 2-4
Because of the July 4th activities the next 3 days (Tues-Wed-Thurs) were on your own. Hopefully everyone kept up their mileage because at this point in the pre-season that is  the most important part of your training.

Workout Friday, July 5th... hill - Strength day

We started at the School, ran down 4th to the Golf Course where Glorietta meets the road that goes  under the bridge where we did our dynamic stretches.
Then we ran easy to Pamona Park. Along the way, we ran 10 "Golf Course " repeats on the steep berm adjacient to Glorietta. At Pamona we did 2x150 meters hard up the grassy slope at the park from the sidewalk to 8th street. The we jogged to the base of 10th (10th and Glorietta) where we ran hard twice up the 10th street hill (170 meters) followed by a jog to the beach where we ran 2 x 270 meter repeats hard on the dunes. This was followed by an easy run to Sunset Park where we did our core routine consisting of planks, crunches, leg lifts, and 8-count body builders. An easy run back to the high school topped it all off. Distance covered was around 6 miles of which a little over 5miles was easy with the rest pretty intense.

July 6-7 (Sat-Sun) on your own base miles... get one long run in over the weekend.