Monday, September 8, 2014

Sept 8 - September 21 Tentative Training Schedule

I have to assume that anyone who doesn't have their paperwork in by now and who have not been coming to practice on a regular basis (or not covering the workouts on their own) is not going to be on the team this season. We're too far along to take any new runners.

 Week of  8 -  14 Sept

Monday 8 Sept: Special Endurance - 1
Active warm-up via 6th to Alameda to 1st to Tidelands
5 x 300 barefoot on grass at near max effort with full recovery
Easy Cool down under bridge to Pomona to school.
This went as planned.

Tuesday 9 Sept: Recovery/base
4 to 6 mile recovery plus core

Wednesday 10 Sept
4 x 1 mile
Target pace is 85% of approximate current mile ability
For example..
4:30  miler would run around 5:29
4:45 miler would run around 5:35
5:00  miler would run around 5:54
5:30 miler would run around  6:28
6:00  miler would run around 7:04
6:30  miler would run around 7:39
Went at planned. Ran at Tidelands Park.

Thursday 11 Sept
45- 50 minute relaxed distance run plus core

Friday 12 Sept
Max speed session...  6x60 meters plus active warmup and easy cool down
We did these at Pomona on the grass barefoot, slightly downhill after a 2-mile warmup.

Saturday 13 Sept
Rest if you need it or 4-6 mile recovery run

Sunday 14 Sept
Relaxed distance to meet weekly goals

Week of 15-21 Sept 
*A scrimmage on Monday
Uniforms on Thursday

There is an invite (Mt. Carmel) on Friday that I'll take interested and qualified runners to). If you're interested and think you're qualified let me know.

* Monday 15 Sept
The Scrimmage that was scheduled was cancelled because of a heat day.
Instead worked out at 5pm, went to the beach and ran 5 x 1000 meter tempo runs on the sand. The 4th was long because a wave washed out the turn-around point so was stopped after 3 1000's and one longer run.

Tuesday 16 Sept
Recovery Run 30 - 45 minutes
This is another early release so run on your own.

Wednesday 17 Sept
6 x 120 meter hill repeats at Pomona plus active WU, Cool Down, Core

Thursday 18 Sept

Get uniforms -- 45 to 60 minutes relaxed distance  --  Core
Uniforms have been picked-up and today is another early release.
So... since today's workout is relaxed distance, hydrate, wait until it cools down, and run on your own. Tomorrow we'll be back on our regular schedule but I don't think we lost anything with the heat spell as we've had two quality sessions this week and will get another tomorrow or Saturday.

Friday 19 Sept... Two Groups:
Those going to Mt. Carmel Invite on Saturday

 6 x 400 Extensive Tempo on grass (easy)
Those not going to Mt. Carmel Invite on Saturday

8 x 400 Special Endurance 2 (fast)

 Saturday 20 Sept
Mt. Carmel group will race
Others will rest or run 30 minutes recovery
Sunday 21 Sept

Mt. Carmel Group rest or easy recovery
Others Relaxed distance to meet weekly goals

Week of 22 - 28 Sept
I'll post the workouts later for this week but there are 3 races.
Friday: South Bay Invite

Saturday: Stanford Invite
Saturday: Dana Hills Invite

Those not going to Stanford or South Bay will run at South Coast. I need to know ASAP if you want to run at Dana Hills.
The longer you wait the less chance you'll have of getting in.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

August 30 - Sept 7

Saturday 6-mile relay. Results are on or
Photos are on
Sunday easy recovery
Monday base (for those who ran the relay Saturday) or 6 x 120 Pomona hill
Tuesday 90 second race-pace for 5k  reps at Tidelands. See map below. This is on a 500 meter loop but each runner runs only 90 seconds. The course is set up with markers on the light posts to show the pace being run. The goal is to run at race pace. We did 12 of these starting each one at 3 minute intervals so there was a 90 second recovery between each.

Wednesday 4-6 mile recovery run (Tuesday was a hard workout)
Thursday : Long run .... up to 8 miles

Friday: Carpooled to Morley Field where varsity did 2-3 times the "Big Hill." The newer runners ranc the league course in segments followed by 10 fast downhill strides on the grass.

Saturday and Sunday .... base running on your own.

The "Big Hill" at Morley Field

Thursday, August 28, 2014

25-27 August

On Monday 25 August we did hilly 6 x 1/2 mile tempo runs at Pomona Park of 1/2 mile with a 30-45 second interval. Pace was based on Daniels Charts.  Tuesday was a recovery run day. Wednesday we ran from the school to Tidelands  via 6th, Alamedia, 1st. At tidelands we did 10 x 65 meter sprints followed by a run under the bridge to Glorietta Blvd to Pomona, to 6th back to the school. Total mileage was about 5.5 miles.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Running Watch

At the speed workout yesterday I mentioned that everyone should come to practice with a stopwatch for pacing. Then I showed them my Retro Casio F-91w. This design has been the same for over 20 years now and wearing one marks you as a runner, a watch nerd, or a terrorist (see Ten Reasons link below :-). It's small and functional with a 7+ year battery life. Back in the '70s Casio produced a similar watch that basically looked the same that nearly every runner wore,  but I can't recall the model number. This one seems to be pretty close 'tho. So if you want a great running watch for under 15 bucks, this is the one I recommend. Note.... it's called a men's watch but it's so small it's fine for girls as well.

Ten Reasons why we love our Casio F-91w digital watch.

Youtube review in HD with epic music

Get it at Walmart for Eleven Bucks.

-Coach Green

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Tentative Training from 3 August to the start of school

First of all let me preface this by saying the following training schedule is not for anyone who is just starting to train for the upcoming season. If this is your situation see the schedule at the bottom of this post.

3 August (Sunday): Meet at the track at 9:30 am for tempo intervals…. We'll probably run a reverse ladder based on laps around the track 5, 4, 4, 3, 3. This will be a little over 4 miles.
The track had a soccer tournament as did Tidelands so we ran to Glorietta Bay Park for a warmup. Then we ran to Tidelands and back to 6th street using my GPS to measure 2 x 1 mile, a 3/4 mile, a .6 mile and a 3/4 mile run.  3 minutes between reps. We then did core at Spreckels Park.

4 August (Monday):  *5 miles recovery
5 August (Tuesday): We'll carpool over to Balboa Park at 5:15pm to run with the San Diego Track Club. They're doing 2 x the Balboa Park loop.
This went as planned plus 10 x 100 and core.
6 August (Wednesday):  *5 miles recovery
7 August  (Thursday) * 7 miles recovery

8 August (Friday)  … We plan to go to Carpool to Lake Hodges on Saturday for the last summer workout with the running group. If you plan to attend, run a short easy run with a few fast strides at the end. If you are not going this is a good day for a long run on your own of *9 miles.
This has been changed to San Elijo Lagoon in Solena Beach.
This was a very big hill.

9 August (Saturday)  … San Elijo Lagoon, if you ran long yesterday go 30 minutes easy. Or if you blew yesterday off do the long run.
10 August (Sunday) … *5 mile RR
11 August (Monday) *6 mile base run
12 August (Tuesday) San Diego Track Club 6th Street Hill workout.
  The hill was run 4 times (about 670 meters) followed by a 2-mile cool down and core.
13 August (Wednesday) *7 mile recovery run
14 August (Thursday) …. Speed session on track
Actually we did this at Sunset Park after running from the school down 6th to Glorietta to Sunset Park along Ocean Blvd (about 2.85 miles). After dynamics this was followed by 10 x 100 meters (barefoot)  with a 200 meter jog in-between.  We finished-up with core. The total distance was around 5 miles.
15 August (Friday) … 30 minute Recovery Run.
16 August (Saturday) The running group finished up last week but I'd like to make one more trip before school starts. Some ideas are Lake Murray, The West side of Penasquitos Park, of maybe back to Valle Verde Park for the "big hill."
We wound-up staying in Coronado. Team members biked to the Silver Strand Housing where there is a mile loop (plus several shorter routes) all on dirt/sand. The base workout was 4 x 1 mile at high tempo pace.

17 August (Sunday) …easy 20 minute run or rest.
18 August (Monday) … easy 20 minute run or rest (what you didn't do yesterday :
19 August (Tuesday) 2 miles at VO2max
We did the Coronado Dunes on the 19th. From North Beach to the end of the long stretch... Walk the short distance to "Coronado" .. run from the "o" to "C" back to "o". Walk to the first part... run back to North Beach. The run the first part both ways with a 3 minute break at the turn-around.

20 August  *7 miles Recovery Run
21 August (first official day of practice) * 7 miles Recovery Run.

* The recovery and long runs are based your weekly mileage being around 45. If more or less then scale accordingly.

29 July Workout

On 29 July we ran with the San Diego Track Club on the Bridal Path.
The workout was 5 or 6   x 3 minute steady state runs with 2-3 minute interval, strides and core.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

26 July Workout

On Sat. 26 July we carpooled to the East End of Penasquitos Canyon where most did a 6 mile trail run. A few did 9 or 10 miles.

Monday, July 21, 2014

July 22 workout

On Tuesday (July 22) we went to Balboa where we ran with the San Diego Track Club. The workout was up ZigZag and up Powder hills 3-4 times followed by strides and core.
-Coach Green

Friday, July 18, 2014

18 July Workout

On 18 July we ran from the school down 6th to Alameda to 1st to Orange Ave park where we did a dynamic warm-up. Then 4 x 30 seconds strides (30 sec jog) to Tidelands where we ran 10 x 100 barefoot on the grass at 400 meter pace (walk back). Cool-down was easy run back to the school under the bridge.... Total distance 4.75 miles.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Workouts on 12 and 15 July

On July 12 a few team members carpooled to the Blue Sky Preserve where they climbed a very tough hill. Great workout.

On July 15 we carpooled to Balboa Park and did 4 x 1000 with the San Diego Track Club.... Faster than Tempo, slower than all-out. This was followed by 10 strides and core.

I'm assuming on the days when we don't meet you all are keeping the base runs up.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Workout on 8 July

Today we ran to from the school to Tidelands. After dynamics we ran 4 x 1000 meters at Tempo Pace with a short break (30 seconds - 1 minute), followed by core and a jog back to the school. If you missed the workout check the Daniels linked at the top of this blog for your appropriate pace.
In the example below if your current (date) pace for 5000 meters is  20:39 or your current mile is 6:03, the 1k's should be run in 4:24. Workouts for the next few days are base pace tomorrow (see top of blog for base pace .. it's not shown in the Daniels table), we'll get in a hill or dune workout on Thursday, another base run on Friday and perhaps carpool to a picturesque venue in San Diego county for a longer run over more challenging terrain than can be found in Coronado.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Workout on 3 July

Met at the track and ran to Sunset Park where we did the dynamic warmup, etc.
Marked off 400 meters which we did 8 times with very short walk-rest (15-20 seconds) in-between..
The pace was Tempo as dictated by the Daniels charts you can access at the top of this blog based on each runners best 5k or mile time. Cool down was jog back to the track.
-Coach Green

Sunday, June 29, 2014

June 26 - July 7

Before we get to the workouts we still need help for Tuesday registration and Friday timing for the 4th of July fund-raiser.
You can sign-up here.

On Thursday, June 26, we did a 2-mile VO2max run along the golf course, under the bridge to Tidelands. This was to get a date reading of your fitness. Of course not everyone participated but we have to keep the progression going just the same. Hopefully if you're not at the quality workouts you'll attempt to do something similar. Summer training is a progression and if you miss it your season will be less than it could have been. School starts on August 21 and our first meet is on August 30. Only runners who are in shape and ready to compete will attend the early meets. Also if you're not able to meet the standards that are on the main website at by the first week of practice you won't make this year's team.You can qualify for the team during our summer training. If you ran a qualifying time last season or can show results that qualify you won't need to qualify again once school starts.
June 27 - June 29 were base days on your own.... hopefully one of those days was a long run. On Monday (June 30) we'll do the another hill workout.
Monday meet at the track at 9am.
If you have been diligent about keeping your base mileage up Tuesday can be a rest day.. otherwise get the mileage in.
On Thursday (July 3) a 3-4 mile tempo run is on tap for those not running in the 5k or 15k on the 4th.
July 4th is either the race or recovery for those who did the tempo run on the 3rd.
July 5th is a long run for those who did tempo on the 3rd and recovery for those who raced on the 4th.  Friday we'll do a strength workout (dunes or hills), Saturday Recovery, Sunday off (unless you missed a day).
So.... the days other than base for this period are:
26 June... 2 mile VO2max (done)
30 June (Monday) ... Hills
3  July (Thursday) Tempo if not racing on the 4th
4 July (Friday) Race if signed-up for it
5 July (Friday) Recovery (racers) or long run
6 July (Saturday) Rest or make-up missed day
7 July (Sunday) Base run.

-Coach Green

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Monday 23 June Workout

After a 2.3 mile warm-up in which we did several fast runs from 10 seconds to 30 seconds, we did dynamics at Pomona Park. The ran 6 times up the Pomona hill from the sidewalk to 8th street (see June 11 post). We finished off with a 2.5 mile easy run.... 5.5 miles total.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Base pace and long run over the summer

Summer Training…
Now that the no-contact period is over we'll start meeting a couple of times per week. However the bulk of your training over the summer is really on your own or with a running partner. As we progress through the summer we'll get more and more focused on tempo, hills, and speed. Right now, however, your primary goal is to concentrate on aerobic training to elicit mainly structural changes in your body. These base miles should be run at approximately between 60 and 75 percent of your maximum heart rate and account for 80 to 85 percent of your weekly mileage.  Just how fast is that? Well, it's faster than your recovery runs but slower than tempo.  For fast runners it's about 1.5 minutes slower than their pace for 10k, for slower runners it's about 1 minute slower than their pace for 10k.
I've done the math for you based on 5000 meter time.
  Note... there is now an update to the table below. it's linked at the top of this blog under Base Pace.
5k     Base
Time  Pace
15    6:40
16    6:55
17    7:15
18    7:30
19    7:50
20    8:05
21    8:25
22    8:40
23    9:00
24    9:15
25    9:35
Just interpolate between the 5k paces by minute in this table.
So… If your 5k time  is 19:30, your base pace is half-way between 7:50 and 8:05 or about 7:57 per mile.
I suggest you use either your current 5k time of reasonable  goal time. 
In addition to the base pace you'll do every day you should include one long run per week that's about 20% of your total weekly miles.
So…. If your weekly mileage is 30 miles per week, multiply 30 times .2 for a long run of 6 miles.
This leaves 24 miles for the rest of the week or an average of 4 miles per day if you're running 7 days per week.
-Coach Green

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Workouts to do now

Until we can meet again after June 20, and assuming you've taken at least a 2-week break,  just keep running easy --- 20 - 30 miles per week is sufficient for now. You may want to include a longer run of 20% of the mileage you've been doing. One suggestion for this would be to participate in the Summer Runs hosted every week by UC, Cathedral Catholic, Henry. There you'll meet runners of all levels for a base run. This week they're meeting at Penasquitos Canyon.
Here is a link to all of their workouts this summer.
Or.... just do a hill session at Pomona or Balboa Park.
A suggestion would be (we've done this many times).
2 mile active warm-up to Pomona (strides along the way).
Once there run 6 x 150 - 200 meters up the grassy hill to 8th street ... walk back down. Finish up with a 2 mile easy run.
Here's a little map of the area.

Summer Training - no contact period

Well... Track is finally over and you're all chomping at the bit to get into cross country training full-swing. Yes? No? Not so fast... if you just finished track you need a few weeks to decompress. You can do nothing, bike, swim, jog.. but no hard running. I know that not all of you finished the season at the same time.... Erik went to the state meet on June 6th, Aeron's last meet was May 31 at the CIF finals, and most everyone else finished up on May 24 at the CIF prelims if not earlier. If you've had 3 or more weeks off you should be simply getting in some easy distance at this point-in-time 30-40 minutes with a longer run once a week that's about 20% of your total weekly mileage. Starting the week of June 23 (because the no-contact period goes to the 20th) we'll start meeting once or twice a week for more specific workouts. If I don't have you on my email/text contact list fill out the form below.
Contact Form... Please fill-out

Like last year, we have a minimum pace requirement to be a member of the team. Girls must be able to run a mile no slower than 7:45 and boys no slower than 6:30.
-Coach Green