Workout Locations

For the last couple of years I've been making maps using the Google Earth measuring tool for our workouts. Since we use the same courses from year-to-year and throughout the season I save them. Here are a few.... more to follow.
Silver Strand Beach   

Coronado Dunes
7/10 of a mile from North Beach to the "C" in Coronado. Sometimes these are done in segments, sometimes without a break.

Low Tide Mile on the beach at Coronado
At low tide this is an excellent way to run a mile or two by setting turn-around points with a  GPS. Can be made tougher by doing a fast beach one way and the dune route the other

Tidelands Park

Tidelands Park 2-mile out and back showing  turn-around points for 1 mile and 1.5 miles

Tidelands 1000 meters
We use this course a lot... Start and Stop anyplace and add 56 meters to make it a full 1k.

Tidelands 1/2 mile... Start and start anyplace but step-off 44 yards to make exactly 1/2 mile. We use this in conjunction with the Tidelands 1k for different groups. This is also an easy way to run 1 mile by stepping off 88 yards and running it twice.

Tidelands 800 and 1200 meter runs from corner water fountain.
This is a convenient way to run 800 - 1600 - 2000 - 2400 - 3200 meters from the same place with several groups.

All-Grass 2-miles at Tidelands with splits every 1/2 mile

Here are 300 - 400 - 500 meters loops at Tidelands from the same spot.

Tidelands 300 meters downhill and usually with the wind. I use this for 1-minute reps in conjunction with the table below for either Tempo or VO2 workouts. In practice I'll place clipboards with the various distances and pace in the appropriate spots for different abilities. Typically at 1-minute everyone stops, and recover back to the start for the next rep

This is the pace chart I use in conjunction with the 1-miniute reps.. see image above.

Pomona Park (aka Mathewson Park)

 For decades the park at the corner of Pomona and 7th (where the roundabout is) has been a favorite spot for cross country teams to get in a bit of grassy hill running. In fact, if you continue along Pomona, hang a right on Maria Place (very steep) and another right on Adella Avenue (downhill)  you'll wind-up back at the park without any cross traffic. This loop covers around 670 meters with about 235 meters on soft grass. A loop on just the grassy park covers around 300 meters. We do many types of workouts at Pomona Park from sprints up Maria to 1200 meter hilly runs. The maps below show some of my favorites.

"Easy" Half Mile at Pomona
I call this "easy" because the steep hill at Maria is after about 400 meters of running and it finishes fast downhill on the grass.

"Hard" Half-Mile at Pomona:
The is "hard" because you run up the steep Maria hill first followed by a downhill segment to the park, followed by a quarter mile of uphill running back to the top.

Pomona "hard" 1/4 mile - 300 Meters.
Hard because the last half is uphill.
Can also be run as an all-uphill 300 meter run but starting on the grass next to playground and running straight up the hill.

Pomona "easy" 1/4/ mile
Steep 120 meters uphill along Maria Place but rest is all downhill to the finish.

 Pomona 1200
This circuit has its ups and downs as you climb the hill both the steep and gradual way. We never run down the steep hill at Maria place, by the way.... in any route.

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