Saturday, August 2, 2014

Tentative Training from 3 August to the start of school

First of all let me preface this by saying the following training schedule is not for anyone who is just starting to train for the upcoming season. If this is your situation see the schedule at the bottom of this post.

3 August (Sunday): Meet at the track at 9:30 am for tempo intervals…. We'll probably run a reverse ladder based on laps around the track 5, 4, 4, 3, 3. This will be a little over 4 miles.
The track had a soccer tournament as did Tidelands so we ran to Glorietta Bay Park for a warmup. Then we ran to Tidelands and back to 6th street using my GPS to measure 2 x 1 mile, a 3/4 mile, a .6 mile and a 3/4 mile run.  3 minutes between reps. We then did core at Spreckels Park.

4 August (Monday):  *5 miles recovery
5 August (Tuesday): We'll carpool over to Balboa Park at 5:15pm to run with the San Diego Track Club. They're doing 2 x the Balboa Park loop.
This went as planned plus 10 x 100 and core.
6 August (Wednesday):  *5 miles recovery
7 August  (Thursday) * 7 miles recovery

8 August (Friday)  … We plan to go to Carpool to Lake Hodges on Saturday for the last summer workout with the running group. If you plan to attend, run a short easy run with a few fast strides at the end. If you are not going this is a good day for a long run on your own of *9 miles.
This has been changed to San Elijo Lagoon in Solena Beach.
This was a very big hill.

9 August (Saturday)  … San Elijo Lagoon, if you ran long yesterday go 30 minutes easy. Or if you blew yesterday off do the long run.
10 August (Sunday) … *5 mile RR
11 August (Monday) *6 mile base run
12 August (Tuesday) San Diego Track Club 6th Street Hill workout.
  The hill was run 4 times (about 670 meters) followed by a 2-mile cool down and core.
13 August (Wednesday) *7 mile recovery run
14 August (Thursday) …. Speed session on track
Actually we did this at Sunset Park after running from the school down 6th to Glorietta to Sunset Park along Ocean Blvd (about 2.85 miles). After dynamics this was followed by 10 x 100 meters (barefoot)  with a 200 meter jog in-between.  We finished-up with core. The total distance was around 5 miles.
15 August (Friday) … 30 minute Recovery Run.
16 August (Saturday) The running group finished up last week but I'd like to make one more trip before school starts. Some ideas are Lake Murray, The West side of Penasquitos Park, of maybe back to Valle Verde Park for the "big hill."
We wound-up staying in Coronado. Team members biked to the Silver Strand Housing where there is a mile loop (plus several shorter routes) all on dirt/sand. The base workout was 4 x 1 mile at high tempo pace.

17 August (Sunday) …easy 20 minute run or rest.
18 August (Monday) … easy 20 minute run or rest (what you didn't do yesterday :
19 August (Tuesday) 2 miles at VO2max
We did the Coronado Dunes on the 19th. From North Beach to the end of the long stretch... Walk the short distance to "Coronado" .. run from the "o" to "C" back to "o". Walk to the first part... run back to North Beach. The run the first part both ways with a 3 minute break at the turn-around.

20 August  *7 miles Recovery Run
21 August (first official day of practice) * 7 miles Recovery Run.

* The recovery and long runs are based your weekly mileage being around 45. If more or less then scale accordingly.

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