Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sept 23 - 29 Workouts

Sept 23 Monday: Base 4-8 miles
Sept 24 Tues: Race Pace ...  8 x 560 meters on grass at Tidelands
Sept 25 Wed: 4-8 mile recovery run
Sept 26 Thurs: Sunset... 4 x tempo 400's on grass
Sept 27 Fri: South Bay Invite ... for those not going to Stanford
Sept 28 Sat: Stanford Invite
Sept 29 Sun: Easy Recovery and/or long run

Monday, September 23, 2013

Workouts Sept 16 - 22

16 Sept...Monday
Because of the meet on Tuesday, had a light workout on Monday consisting of 4-6 Tempo 400 meter runs on the grass at Tidelands.
17 Sept...Tuesday Meet with OLP (for girls) and Saint Augustine (for boys).We won both meets with boys going 1-2-3 and 4 and girls 1-9.
Here are the results on
18 Sept...Wednesday
Easy running because of yesterday's meet

19 Sept...Thursday
Mt. Carmel Group: Recovery Run
Long Run

20 Sept...Friday:
Mt. Carmel Group:
Run to Sunset, 3 tempo 400's Run Back
Others: Coronado "Hills" - 3 sets of 3 30 seconds charge on grass up Pomona Park Hill

21 Sept...Saturday
Mt. Carmel Group: Had a great day.. Erik won the D2 boys Junior race, Girls placed 10th out of all schools. Here is a link to the results.
Recovery Run

22 Sept... Sunday:
Easy base depending on last weeks intensity. Except for Erik who ran a triathlon, which he won.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sept 9 - Sept 15 Workouts

9  Mon -- Ran 1.5 miles to Tidelands
Dynamics and strides
5 x 1000 meters at VO2Max 5 minutes rest in-between
Ran 1.5 miles back to school
Excellent workout... everyone looked good

10 Tues -- 20-30 min light Tempo run Include four 30-40 second bursts at race pace
11 Wed -- Uniform Hand-out...4-7 mi recovery run
12 Thurs -- Time Trial 400 meters on track : Followed by 6 x 400 Tempo on track based on 120 - 130 % slower than Timed 400

13 Fri -- Strength, Coronado Dunes
Ran to Sunset Part for warmup.... Then ran about 20 minutes of dunes by time not distance.. so different groups ran different distances... jog back to school.

14-15 Sat Sun - I left it up to each runner how many miles to run this weekend. Monday was a high-quality day that required a couple of easier days. However I think some of our team didn't run easy enough on Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday was harder for some than meant to be so by Friday many of our team were a bit tired, and the dunes weren't exactly a walk-in-the park.
That said we're in the most intense part of the season's training. It's tough for runners who didn't participate in our summer training group or who didn't train on their own this summer, but, as I've said all-along... Cross Country championships are won during the summer, not in the fall.
This weekend if you're burned-out a bit, take a day off or an easy day plus an easy run. If you're fine, one day should be recovery (Sat) and one day, a longer run.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Week of Sept 2 - Sept 8 Workouts

Monday..Sept 2

20-25 minute Tempo run Distance based on ability
Between 4-5 miles

Tuesday Sept 3 ...ran to Pomona Park via 5th-Glorietta Blvd- Pomona Ave, dynamics done at Pomona Park.
The quality part of the workout was 6 x 170 meter fast hill reps from sidewalk along Pomona to 8th street. Recovery was walk/jog back down. Cool down was an easy 2 mile run back the same way we came out. Distance, including reps, WU, cooldown.. around 5 miles.

Wednesday Sept 4
Recovery Run... 4-7 miles depending on level

Thursday Sept 5.. Went to Morley... Ran 1st 2 miles of league course as warm-up. Ran last mile of league course at race pace. Ran 4 x CIF hill. First two steep way, last two other way. After a water break we ran 5 downhill grassy fast strides. Finished with core. Distance about 5 miles

Friday Sept 6 ... Recovery Run 5-7 miles

Saturday Sept 7 ... Special Endurance 1
Ran 2.5 miles to Tidelands Park.
When we arrived at the park our normal grassy workout area was filled with hundreds of cars. Seems there was a car show going on. Anyway I found an alternate 150 meters grassy course with my trusty GPS which we ran 5 times basically all-out barefoot.
A 1.5 mile easy run back to the school  covered nearly 5 miles for the day including dynamic warmup.

Sunday Sept 8  Long Run on your own 20% of currently weekly mileage