Friday, August 31, 2012

6-mile relay info for Saturday

Here is the info for Saturdays' 6-mile relay and open/novice runs.
First of all... here is a google map to the site.

Here is a link to meet information: 

I'll have a van leaving the school at 6:30am if anyone needs a ride.
Yesterday I emailed everyone as to which races they'll be running but it's pasted again below the map.

When you arrive call me 619-869-6873. I'll have a canopy near the track and plenty of RO water to drink.

Here is a map of the course (click on image to enlarge)

Updated entries for the 6-mile relay

8:30 Open/Novice Girls (Coach Green and Garners are leaving early for this)

Corrine Lennard
Lindsay Garner
Kristina Thomas
Megan Sutton

8:55 Open Novice Boys (Coach Green and Garners are leaving early for this)

Sam Davies
Jacob Blauser (if he gets his physical dated in time)

9:15 Girls JV Relay Possible rides are coach Green(early),  Hendricks Family,

Brooke Hendricks
Erica Neff
Vanessa Tortolero
Irlanda Goulding

10:00 Boys JV Relay Possible rides are coach Green(early), Garner Family
Jason Vance
Jason Leary
Robert Garner
Caleb Woodson

11:30 Boys Varsity Relay Possible rides are coach Green(early) and Steffons
Ben White
Trevor Boyd
Kingston DeLaurentis
Chris Leary
After the race many of us plan to go to the Escondido Soup Plantation.
Here are directions from the track...

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Catching-up on workouts

The last workouts I posted were for week before the first day of school on Aug 23rd. That day was basically sign-up and "Run on your own." I had to go to League meeting to map out our new cross country course. Nearly all the league coaches were there but they didn't have school until the next week. Basically it was suggested that everyone got in some distance. Friday we did a ladder similar to the one on the 20th but scaled to each runners ability.  Everyone ran on their own (hopefully) over the weekend. Monday was tempo cruise intervals because of a Time Trial the next day. Tuesday we did a 1.5 mile time trial to see where everyone is at this point in time. Wednesday we broke-up into 3 groups... a 6 mile group, a 4 mile group, and a group of new girls who ran short reps at Sunset. They ran to Sunset park (1.2 miles) then 5 x 1 lap reps around the park for another 1.4 miles (1 lap is about 460 meters), then back to the track (1.2 miles). So this group ran around 3.8 miles. For all workouts except the last we did our usual 10 x 100 meter strides and a core workout.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Uniforms, 6-Mile relay and upcoming events

Today (Tuesday) Connie will be handing out Cross Country uniforms beginning at 4:30 after practice.
For practice we'll have a 1.5 mile time trial at Tidelands Park to get some idea of where everyone is at this point in time.
We have quite a few signed-up for the 6 mile relay on Saturday and need to start figuring out how to get everyone there.
I'll have a school van so I can take 9 but there are around 25 signed-up.
All races will be over by 12:30 and many will be stopping by the Escondido Soup Plantation for lunch.

Parents... if you plan to go and can drive please let me know ASAP.

The Stanford Trip.
I think the girls know about this as John Downey has assembled a 7 girl elite team to compete on September 29th.
There is no more room for any girls to run as we already have our team set-up and can enter only one team, but anyone who wants to go is welcome to come for the trip.
Frankly the race is just a good excuse for the trip.
The Engelmans  have arranged for a group hotel rate ($89) and air fare is around $69 one-way.

Some of the boys have expressed interest in this trip so I entered a "holder" team for 7 guys.
If any boys want to go on this trip please let me know as soon as possible, otherwise I'm going to release those spots so we don't have to pay for them.

Other Races coming up this month are...
Sept 15th... Mt. Carmel Invite at Morley Field.
This is by far our biggest local race with entrants or all over California and other states to boot.
It filled-up early (before school started) and we're not listed as one of the entries but we are in.
This is a division (small school / large school) by grade with  races for 9th, 10th, 11th 12th.

Sept 21st... South Bay Invite.
On Friday.... Varsity, JV, and Frosh/Soph races

Sept 28th... Saints Small School Invite, also on Friday
Those who are not going to the Stanford Invite the next day will run in this event... Morley Field over the CIF/Footlocker course.

October Races:

After this we'll start our Dual meet season with meets on Oct 4, Oct 11 and Oct 25.
The break between Oct 11 and Oct 25 is no accident.
That's the weekend of the Mt. San Antonio College (Mt. SAC) Cross Country Invite.
This is one of the largest cross country events in the world with races spanning two weekends (Oct 12 for Community college and Middle School) and Oct 19-20 for high school.
Our races D-IV will be held on the 19th, Friday.
Here's the website...

November Races:

November is the championship month.
On the 8th we have our  league championships to determine all-league Individuals and the last event to determine the team champs.
This is the last event in which everyone can compete.

November 17th CIF Finals.
This race determines which teams and individuals will advance to the state meet in Fresno.
Only the top 2 boys' teams and top 3 girl's teams will go on.
We can run only our top 7 girls and top 7 boys in this one.

November 24th... State Meet at Fresno for those who qualify out of the CIF Finals.
We leave Friday Morning, jog the course Friday before dark and compete the next day.
Both the girls and boys teams have a shot to get here.

-Coach Green

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Confirmed for 6-mile relay

I need to turn in the relay names tonight so here are the confirmed names so far....
If you want to run and are not on the list email me by 11:30 pm tonight (Saturday)
I put a couple people who didn't respond in so let me know if you can't make it.

Brooke Pierson
Heather deNagy
Corrine Lennard
Kristina Thomas
Vanessa Tortolero
Lindsey Garner
Irlanda Goulding
Rachel Steffen
Aeron Yim
Hannah Downey
Ashley Engelman
Brooke Hendricks
Lauren Rocheleau

Jacob Blauser
Sam Davies
Robert Garner
Chris Leary
Trevor Boyd
Ben White
Brett Mckim
Torrey Belzber
Caleb Woodson
Jason Leary
Weston Breay
Jason Vance

Map of the new league Cross Country Course

A picture is worth a thousand words so here's a color coded picture. Course is about 3.11 miles long.
Map of the new City Cross Country course at Morley Field 3.11 miles.
Click on map to enlarge.

6 mile relay and eligibility

We start our first full week of official cross country practice on Monday so if you haven't turned your physical and paperwork in yet you'll need to do so before you come out.
I'll send a separate email to those who are not yet cleared.
Currently we have around 45 kids on the team, around 20 of whom are new.
This weekend I'll be updating the website and this blog with information for new runners and parents as well as some info for everyone regarding our schedule.

Our first meet is this Saturday.... It's not mandatory so don't feel obligated if you don't feel ready to run.
It's a four-person 6-mile relay (each runner covers 1.5 miles) hosted jointly by Cal State San Marcos and Escondido High School called the Cougar Classic 6-mile relay.
There are also open, novice, and jv events over the same 1.5 mile course for those not on a relay team.

The entry deadline is midnight tonight (Saturday) so I need to know ASAP who wants to participate.
Information about the meet can be found here...

I'll be putting together as many relay teams as are appropriate for the runners who want to participate but I don't intend to put anyone in the open/novice events. This may mean that some runners could get left out of a relay if we don't have a full team for some of the events.  It's a long drive and there will be plenty of other events to run in as the season progresses. I'll be putting together the best teams possible for the varsity runs.

9:15 am:  Girls JV Relay
10:00 am: Boys JV Relay
10:45 am: Girls Varsity Relay
11:30 am: Boys Varsity Relay

-Coach Green

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Workouts Aug 17 - Aug 22

We had 2 workouts for the period Aug 17-Aug 22 with the "off" days left up to the runners. This is because we had a hard beach session on the 15th as well as back-to-back quality days on the 20th and 21st. On the 20th (Monday) we did a ladder consisting of 2 x 1/4 mile, a half-mile, a mile, another half-mile, another 1/4 mile. The ladder was done after warming up at Spreckels park. We then jogged down 6th to Glorietta and started the ladder from there with the first half-mile and mile run on the grass at Tidelands. The second half and third 1/4 were done on the way back to Spreckels. There we did 10 strides and the usual core. On Tuesday we worked out with Paul Greer and the San Diego Track Club. They did 5 x Zig Zag hill (we call it "snake" hill). Then 10 x 100 and core. Zig Zag hill is probably less than 300 meters long but it's very steep. This was a pure hill session. Wednesday was a recovery run and Thursday (Aug 23) is the 1st day of school.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

16 August 2012 workout... Mile Reps on Coronado Beach

Today... (August 16th) we ran from Spreckels Park to Sunset Park where we did dynamic stretching, strides, etc. The goal of today's workout was to get 23 +  minutes or so of Tempo broken up into 4 segments. For the top runners this meant about 4 x one mile, for the others we used a turn-around point after around 3 minutes of running. Basically I rode my bike in front of the second group until I hit around 3  minutes then turned around and sent everyone except the front runners back to the start. Once back at the start they took a 2 minute rest and did it again. The front runners went all the way to the rocks, took a 2 minute break and ran the mile back so everyone arrived back at the start at about the same time with 2 reps done. This was done twice for a total of 4 miles for the front runners and 4 shorter reps for the others.  The distance from the extension of the North Island fence to the rocks at the Hotel is almost exactly one-mile (see image below).
Then it was back to Sunset Park where we did 10 x 100 and our usual 2 sets of planks, body builders, and leg raises... Coach Green

Coronado one-mile beach course

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

14 Aug 2012 Workout

On this day (14 August) we went to Balboa Park and did 10 x 400 on the grass (not very hilly) with the San Diego Track Club. The workout was changed from the 10 x 200 hill repeats we expected they'd do. This was followed by 10 x 100 strides and a core session... Coach Green

Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday 13 August 2012 workout

Today (13 Aug) we ran from Spreckels to Tidelands, did the usual warmup with strides, then ran the 1000 meter course four times. It was really hot so four times was a bit of a struggle for some. Actually we cut the run off at 4 minutes so only a handful of runners did the entire distance each time. Then it was back to Spreckels for 10 x 100 meter strides and the usual core routine. Add up the mileage for the kids who ran the entire distance and you get around 5.7 of which 5k (1k reps and strides) were quality.
-Coach Green
Tideland 1000 meters (and one mile) course

Friday, August 10, 2012

10 August Workout Pomona 1/4 mile hills

Today's workout covered a little over 6 miles for the ones who ran it all and about 4 to 4 1/2  miles for the rest. The warmup was two laps around Spreckels to Glorietta Blvd to Pomona Avenue  to Pomona Park (2 miles total).
After dymamics, and strides we ran 6 times the Pomona 1/4 mile hill course (see map below).
The 1st  180 meters or so are flat as a pancake with the rest uphill... there's a fairly steep portion starting about 230 meters to about 350 meters but it's uphill all the way to the finish. The finish is at a small tree about 18 meters from the edge of the road (Maria). For the reps we WALKED down Maria to Pomona then jogged back to the park. Then the warm-up course was reversed back to the Spreckels where we did 10 x 100 meters at quick pace and 2 sets of Planks/Body Builders/Leg-Raises.
The newer runners and those still in Phase-I ran a modified version of this at a "base" pace with shorter WU and CD. Specifically they ran the continuously at a slower pace with but walked down Maria. I don't like to have anyone run down Maria because it's steep and the surface is hard.
Everyone did the 10 x 100 strides at Spreckels.
Tomorrow should be 30-40 min  easy recovery, Sunday... a longer run. -Coach Green

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Alice Schmidt Video and workouts Aug 8-10

In case they don't show it tonight or you miss it, here's an unlisted video I captured from the NBC feed of Alice Schmidt advancing to the Semi-finals in the Olympic 800 meter run.
Today we ran from Spreckels to Glorietta Bay Park... the boys ran down Glorietta (2.1 miles), the girls ran down Pomona (1.45 miles). There we did our dynamic drills and strides. From the south end of the park we ran a tempo 1/2 of a mile to the boat house, stopped for a couple of minutes, then another 1/2 tempo from the Boat House nearly to Pomona Park. At Pomona we ran two more 1/2 mile intervals at tempo pace over the "Easy 1/2 mile loop" (see image below). The "hard" 1/2 mile loop climbs the "hill" twice. The a jog back to Spreckels and two sets of the usual planks, 8-count body builders, and leg raises/flutter kicks.

Tomorrow an easy 30-40 minutes, Friday we'll meet again at Spreckels.

Here's a map of the "Easy Pomona half mile." Actually it's a bit longer.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Training Aug 4-8 and Tuesday Balboa Park Sessions

After two days of easy and long runs we met at Spreckels at 9am Monday (Aug 6th) for a run to Sunset Park (1.5 miles) Drills and strides, then a dune run (about .7 miles). I was going to do several reps but since so many of the top runners were at camp and there were new runners, one was enough. Then it was a mile run back to Spreckels where we did 5 x 170 meter runs around the bandstand and back and the usual planks.
Total distance was around 3 miles but 3/4 of a mile was on the dunes.

If any of you want a good hill workout, Paul Greer, the coach of the San Diego Track Club has Tuesday night workouts at 6pm.
They're in their "hill phase" now and his workouts are highly recommended. You don't need to be a member of the SDTC to attend these sessions as he welcomes the Coronado team.
I won't be going over there myself today but if you want to attend it's at 6 and Laurel starting at 6pm... recommend you get there before 6, however.

Here are their workouts for the next few weeks.

August 7: Hills (2 X Balboa Park Loop)
August 14: Hills (8 X 200 yard Hills at 6th Avenue)
August 21: Hills (5 X Zig Zag Hill)
August 28: Hills (Powder/ZigZag)

The leader, Paul Greer, will ask new comers  to introduce themselves... just tell them you run for Coronado High School.
If you go to this today you won't need a hill session tomorrow morning so let me know if you attend. If enough people want to go today, I can drive but can only take 4 in my wagon.

-Coach Green

Friday, August 3, 2012

August 3rd Workout "Race Pace" for 1 minute.

Today (3 Aug 2012) we met at Spreckels Park and ran the 1.25 mile under-the-bridge path to the Tidelands restrooms where Ashley and Chris lead the warmup routine. The main part of the workout was 15 x 1 minute "5k race pace" runs with approximately a 2 minute jog-back to the start. It's about 320 meters from the sidewalk next to Glorietta Blvd near the hospital to the sidewalk by the bay, so I put Clipboards at various distances from the start based on the race pace for the various kids who ran today. The idea was to run for 1 minute at perceived race pace, then take a 2 minute jog back to the start. We did 15 of these.
Towards the end of the workout some of the boys were making it all the way to the sidewalk which equates to a mile pace of 5:02 (16:38 for 5k) so the last five were a bit faster than race pace. The 1st 10, however were right on their targets. The girls also picked-it up a bit at the end with Ashley and Rachel hitting sub 6 minute pace for a mile. Distances covered were 2.5 miles for the warm-up and cool-down plus the reps. The fastest boys covered  around 4.7 miles back and forth in the reps, the slowest girls covered around 3.6 in reps, so mileage ranged between 7.2 and 6.1 miles with 15 minutes at race pace or faster. Back at Spreckels we did 30 seconds prone plank, 15 reps each side lateral leg lifts, 30 seconds back plank, 10 x 8 count body builders, plus a pretty good set of leg lifts and flutter kicks. Saturday should be a recovery run of 20 to 30 minutes and Sunday should be a long run of 40 minutes to an hour depending on how many miles you've been running per week. One again, check the Daniels pace chart (now linked to the top of this blog) for the pace you should be running. The table below the map shows the mile and 5k pace associated with distances from 200 meters to the sidewalk in 5 meter steps. This range was enough to cover everyone for this workout. If you would want to create a pace chart similar to this for a different time increment you can use the pace charts located at the top of this blog or use this link. ... Coach Green

Thursday, August 2, 2012

August 2-3 workouts

For those of you who ran the 5x1000's yesterday, a 30 - 40 minute easy run should be done today (Aug 2nd). Tomorrow (Aug 3rd) we'll meet at Spreckels Park at 9am  for a pace-session... most likely at Tidelands... Coach Green

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Workout August 1st

Today we did 5 x 1000 or 4 minutes (whichever came first) at tempo pace (T-pace)  at Pomona Park... technically I guess what we call Pomona Park is actually Mathewson Park (according to Google Maps) but if I said that no one would know where to go :-).
We took a 2-3 minute break between the runs.  The course was 2 loops around the grassy part of the park, then down Pomona to Maria Place, then Adella Ave back to the park. This is a nice safe run because there is no cross traffic. It's a good workout  as well because of the "Maria Place" hill. After the reps we did 2 sets of planks (front 20 sec, 10 lateral leg lifts each side, back 20 seconds, 10 x 8 count body builders, and leg lifts / flutter kicks.
Here's  a map if you missed today's workout and want to do something similar (click to enlarge)..
Coach Green