Sunday, October 14, 2018

8 - 13 October Workouts

Short week with no school on Monday, and homecoming on Friday:
8 Oct Mon: Base on you own
9 Oct Tues - Special Endurance 1 on grass 6 x 150 fast with 5 minute interval(6-8 miles total with     WU and CD)   Less for those racing on Wed
10 Oct Wed: JV race : Varsity Hills at Morley/Balboa or base
11Oct Thu:  recovery or Morley Hills
12 Oct Fri: Friday Homecoming - rest or on your own
13 Oct Sat: Various - we did 5th lane tempo on the track with some (330 meters tempo, followed by 50 m jog for 12 laps.
14 Sun : Rest, recovery, or 4 miles of  cruise intervals with 4-5 x 200 meter pickups at mile pace.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

24 Sept to 7 Oct

24 Sept Mon: 4 x 1 mile Race Pace to VO2Max rest = Work + Core
25 Sep Tue: 50 Minutes Base
26 Sept Wed: 30 minutes base plus Strides and core (combined)
27 Sept Thur: 6 x 400 at 75% for 400
28 Sept Fri: Travel to Stanford, jog around Campus
   Those not at Stanford did a dune workout
29 Sept Sat: Stanford Invite
30 Sept Sun: Recovery
1 Oct Mon: easy base
2 Oct Tues: Short pre-meet run plus stides
3 Oct Wed: First League Meet at Morley Field.
4 Thur - Easy 4-8 mile relaxed recovery + 5x100 strides + core/strength
5 Fri - 30 minute base + Core
6 Sat - Short Hills, Pomona or rest depending on needs. We didn't meet
7 Sun - Easy base or rest -- several out of town

Monday, September 24, 2018

Workouts 11 Sept to 23 Sept

11 Sept Mon - Long Run or Base Run
12 Sept Tues - 30 minutes Base plus strides
13 Sept Thu - 1k Tempo Reps
14 Sept Fri - Easy pre-race warmup
15 Sept Sat - Woodbridge or Mt. Carmel
17 Sept Mon - Long Run (70% VO2max) - pick-up pace at end 15 min stretch or yoga.
18 Sept Tue - 4-6 mile Base run /recovery + Core
19 Sept Wed - VO2Max 5 x 1000
20 Sept Thu - Special Endurance I = 2 mi WU, 6x150 with 5min rec., 3-4 mi CD
21 Sept Fri - 92118 run = use as a tempo run / or go for 3-mile tempo run
22 Sept Sat - Recovery Run or rest + Core (Sat/Sun can be switched)
23 Sept Sun - Easy Long Run (Sat/Sun can be switched)

Woodbridge Results
Mt. Carmel Results

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Workouts 4 Sept to 10 Sept

Tuesday 4 Sept: Recovery/Base 2 x 200 plus Core/Yoga
Wednesday 5 Sept : Special Endurance II (8 x 350)
Thursday 6 Sept : Recovery/Base + Strides
Friday 7 Sept : Easy pre-race routine
Saturday 8 Sept : Bronco Invite
Sunday 9 Sept : Rest or Recovery Run
Monday 10 Sept : Race Pace progressive : Mile + (3 x 1000) + 800

Bronco Photos

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Monday (labor day) workout 3 Sept

No school on Monday so some went to Morley Field. After a warmup and dynamics we ran 3 x half-mile up the CIF hill, all the way to the top. The route was such that there was running before and after the hill.
Then we ran a 1/4 mile loop on the grass four times with a long downhill descent followed by a short uphill. This was done continuously for a mile. After a water break we ran the same loop twice, followed by a 10 minute cool down.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

workouts Aug 27-31

27 Aug
Long way to Tidelands,usual dynamics and 30 sec on 30 sec off
8 t0 12 Tempo 1/4 mile reps 15 sec intervals

28 Aug 50 min run plus yoga.

29 Aug
VO2max reps
Run to Tidelands short way (Under bridge)
1 lap around Tidelands to learn pace (940 meters)
1200 meters, 1000 meters, 800 meters, 2 x 400 meters pretty fast
Negative Splits

30 Aug 50 min run plus core

31 Aug
4 x 4 minute hills at Pomona plus yoga

Monday, August 27, 2018

Vaquero Stampede

On Saturday, August 25th, we took 16 runners to the Vaquero Stampede. The rest trained on their own. Those who didn't run did either a Fartlek workout with short pickups or a tempo run.
The Vaquero Photos are here.

The results are here

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Workouts Aug 14 to Aug 21

We had an aerobic to race pace workout on Aug 16 and  a Billat 30/30 workout on the 20th, and the ZigZag/Powder hill session with the San Diego Track Club on the 21st. The other days were base.

The 30-30 workout is named, after its creator, Veronique Billat, an exercise physiologist at the University of Ille in France. Several years ago, Billat set a goal of trying to create workout formats that would allow runners to spend the greatest total amount of time at VO2 max and would therefore presumably produce the most powerful boosting effect on VO2 max and economy.

We ran three miles 30 seconds on 30 seconds off from Glorietta Bay Park to Tidelands.
Newer runners ran a shorter route... see map below.
This was followed by Core and Yoga led by Madden.

Monday, August 13, 2018

August 13th Workout

On Monday, the usual routine to Tidelands (Lunge Matrix, Dynamics at Centennial, 30 sec on-off to Tidelands). At Tidelands we did 10 x tempo/long sprint... see image. The Yellow segment was tempo, the green fast, the white recovery.
This was followed by 2 x Gambetta Leg Circuits and a 1.5 mile easy run back to the school.

Friday, August 10, 2018

August 10th Workout

On Friday10 August, after the Lunge Matrix, we ran the short way to Pomaoa Park for warmup drills. Then we ran base to Glorietta Bay Park. From there we ran 1.5 miles of Tempo to San Luis Rey. We ran 1 mile of Race Pace from San Luis Rey to Tidelands. At Tidelands we ran 1 k at 2-mile race pace (vVO2max). It was hot so we followed that with 10 x 100 meters through the sprinklers.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

August 6th workout

Because of school visits and some kids being out of town the period from July 27th  to August 5th was "On Your Own" base plus strides. 
On August 6th we did a Special Endurance 1 workout that consisted of a base warmup run from the school to Centennial Park (End of Orange Ave). There we did dymanics followed by 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off to Tidelands Park. At the Park we ran 6 x 300 meters fast starting every 9 minutes.  The next day several members of our team joined the San Diego Track Club for a hill workout consisting of  6 times up the 6th street hill at Balboa Park. This was followed by strides and core as they usually do. The 8th and 9th was recovery. Tomorrow (Friday) the planned workout is a progressive run from Base to VO2max in segments.
-Coach Green

Friday, July 27, 2018

26 July Workout

On July 26th, after Lunge Matrix at the school:
* Ran to Pomona Park long way = 1.8 miles
* Dynamics at Pomona
* 4 x 400 race pace practice there
* Up big hill to top of Maria 1/4 mile
* Jog Maria to 10th (left) to Glorietta 1/4 mile
* Tennis Court Hills and stairs x 4 = 1/2 mile
* Easy to North Beach = .4 Mi
* Dunes South Beach to North Beach = .79 miles as crow flies but really longer.
* 6 x 80 meter strides at Sunset Park
* Core

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

24 July Workout

 On 24 July 2018 our workout was follows, after a lunge matix at the school.
1.5 mile WU to Orange along the bay.
Progressive 1200 to Tidelands
Water Break at Tidelands
800 at Tidelands - Tempo
Water Break at Tidelands
Progressive 1200 from Tidelands to 6th street

Jog/Walk  to Pomona Park down 6th to Pomona (400 meters)
At Pomona Progressive Grass loops at Race Pace and faster
2x(4x200) at race pace for 5K ... 60 meter jog 5min between sets
6x80m downhill strides
New kids didn't do entire workout.


Sunday, July 22, 2018

July 21st Workout

On July 21st we had our first workout of the season at Morley Field.
After a 2-mile warmup, we did our dynamics, the ran the "Big Hill" three times... see map below.
The loop is 1.3 miles and features a long .6 mostly uphill stretch to start with, followed by downhill portion from the top of the CIF hill. Then there's a short steep hill, followed by a jog back to the start.
This was followed by 5 downhill grassy strides and a core session.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

18 July 2018 Workout

The July 18th workout was a warmup run down 6th to Pomona Blvd, to Pomona Park (after lunge matrix of course). At Pomona Park, we did dynamics, etc. then ran 2.3 miles to the south end of the sidewalk along along Ocean Blvd at base to low tempo pace... see map below.

From there (south end of Shores sidewalk) to South Beach we ran on the hard sand (zero tide today) to the Coroando Dunes, ran the dunes, and stopped briefly at the South Beach boardwalk (top image below).

 From South Beach  we run the dunes to North Beach..Bottom image above. 
Then we walked to Sunset Park, got some water, and did 10 x 80 meter form strides, followed by
-Coach Green

Monday, July 16, 2018

July 16 2018 Workout

Cross Country...16 July 2018
Lunge Matrix at school then ran around 7:30 - 7:45 pace to Pomona Park (1.8 miles down 6th to Glorietta to Pomona). Drills, etc. at Pomona Park.
Then hilly  6 x 800 progressive reps  at Pomona Park starting every 6 minutes.
For example, if your estimated current time for 800 is 3 minutes you'd start with around 4:30 and finish with around 3:38. Core routine followed by a couple cool down miles.
Total mileage was about 7 miles.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Coronado Optimist Club 5k on 28 July

The 47th annual Optimists Sports Fiesta is coming on 28 July with everthing from CornHole to a triathlon. Of special interest to our cross country athletes is the 5k run. For ages 18 and under the entry fee is only $10 ($30 for adults). This would be a great run/workout for anyone on the team whether you think you're ready or not. The Optimist Club is a big supporter of both our Track and Cross Country Teams. Not only have they given us thousands of dollars in the past they help with timing our home track meets.
I'd like as many runners as possible to come out and participate in this run. If you plan to do so, let me know and I'll make sure the workouts leading up to the race are appropriate.

Here is a link to the Sports Fiesta.

A direct link to the 5k is Here.

-Coach Green

Friday, July 13, 2018

July 13th Workout

The workout for July 13th was a series of progressive runs starting from the school and ending at Tidelands Park. From the school (after a lunge matrix), we ran 2.3 miles to Glorietta Bay Park at the warmup pace of around 7:45 per mile. At GBP we did our dynamics and strides. The we ran 2 x 1 mile reps along the bay at high tempo pace, which took us to the old toll booth under the Coronado Bridge. From there we ran a half mile to the end of Tidelands Park at VO2max pace, followed by a 1000 meter loop around Tidelands at a bit faster than VO2max (2-mile race pace). This was followed by an Gambetta Leg Circuit x 2 and a jog back to the school. Total distance covered was approximately 7 miles. Some of the new kids ran parts of this workout as it was a bit too tough for newcomers. For more information on the paces see the tags at the top of this blog.
-Coach Green

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Cross Country Workout July 11th

Ran from school to Glorietta Blvd, to Pomona Ave, to Pomona Park
Did Dynamics and strides
Did 6 Pomona Hills... 3 steep up Maria, 3 longer but less steep from playground
Finished up with 2mi+ CD.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

9 July 2018 Cross Country Workout

For the first workout of the season on 9 July, I took a page from Micah Porter of D'Evelyn High School in Colorado. He's coached two Footlocker finalists and over 20 State Champs. An early workout of his is 200's and 400's at estimated 5k pace, on the track with a short jog in-between. Not only is this a great workout, it gives a sense of pace for running 5000 meters. We didn't do it on the track. We did it at Tidelands Park. Our warm-up was the 2.36 mile route along 6th to Alameda to 1st to Tidelands along the bay.  Dynamics were done at the Orange and 1st park We did 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off from Orange to Tidelands. At Tidelands,  after a little experimentation to get the pace right, we ran eight loops, followed by ten fast 80-meter strides. The table below shows 200 and 400 meter splits for 5k times. The map shows the route we used. We'll come back to this workout several times this season. Total mileage was around 7 miles... Coach Green

2018 Cross Country

Most of the team from last year have already started Cross Country training for the 2018 season.  If you want to be a part of the team this year I strongly suggest that you start running as well.Cross Country championships begin in the summer, not in the fall. If you plan to come out for the team this season you should begin base training as soon as possible. To participate on the Islander Cross Country team, you must be able to run 2 miles no slower than 15 minutes, either boys or girls. The reason for this cutoff is practical. Very few of our workouts take place on the track and the warmup run to where we'll do the actual workout can be over 2 miles away. If you can't run 2 miles at 7:30 pace you'll be left behind.
I have a schedule for new runners on our "members" page on Islander Track. See the link in the right sidebar. The members link on our website  requires a password so if you're serious about running Cross Country for Coronado, go to Islander Track and fill out the contact form ... or send me an email/text.
 -Coach Green

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Track: California State Meet 1-2 June 2018

With nearly 4,500 high schools in California, and with our state one of only four in the country with just a single division, it's very hard to qualify for the California State Track Meet. Out of San Diego, only three athletes (plus a few who matched the state performance standard) in each event qualified for the State Prelims. Between 9 and 12 athletes out of the state advanced to the finals held the next day. To get to the coveted Podium Ceremony, an athlete must be among the top six finishers. Only the Nation's elite stand on the top step.  Before last week's State Meet, Coronado had only two athletes make it to the podium. Jamie Klages tied for fifth in the high jump in 2005 with a height of 5 feet, seven inches. In 2015 Erik Armes placed fifth in the 1600-meter run with a time of 4:10.09. Only one other in Coronado's history made it to the finals. That was Samantha Piper in 1998 who placed eighth in the 800-meter run with a time of 2:14.13. 

 At last week's State Meet, held at Buchanan High school in Clovis California, Alysah Hickey was among the state's top athletes and was competing in both the high jump and the long jump. One of the problems for the few athletes who are proficient in both the high jump and the long jump is that the two events usually begin at the same time. The long jump is a sprinters' event while high-jumpers, at the higher levels, tend to be specialists. At the state meet, Alysah was the only girl competing in both events at the same time. On Friday, during the warm-up for the prelims, both Alysah and our other female qualifier, Ruthie Grant-Williams, noticed that they were slipping on take-off. The left side of the take-off area was a little slippery, and Alysah didn't have her high-jump shoes with her. Usually, she competes in both the long jump and high jump wearing the same shoes. A high jump shoe has four extra spikes in the heel. Fortunately, one of Alysha's competitors wore the same size shoe and let her use them for her jumps. The goal at the prelims was to narrow the field down to 12 jumpers to compete in the finals the next day. As it turned out, exactly 12 jumpers cleared the second height of 5 feet 5 inches, so they stopped the competition at that height. This was fortunate because now Alysah could concentrate on the long jump. Although both events started at 3:00 PM, Alysah was in the third long jump flight which started after she qualified for the high jump finals. The top 12 jumpers out of the three flights would move on to Saturday's finals based on the three jumps each was allowed in the prelims. When Alysah got her take-off mark there was a tailwind. However, when she jumped the wind had died down. Both of her first two attempts were over 20 feet but in both cases her take-off foot was slightly over the line and neither counted. She had but one attempt left to move on. Her new long jump coach, Brazilian Olympian Jadel Gregorio, told her to move her take-off mark back about six inches. This did the trick, she hit the board with inches to spare and soared out to the top qualifying mark of 19 feet 2.5 inches.  Our other high jumper, Ruthie, didn't clear the opening height but she had a great year with a PR of 5 feet, 5 inches to tie for the third-best mark in San Diego this season.  Our third state meet qualifier was Ian Hurlburt in the 800 meter run who ran 1:54.94 but missed moving to the finals by less than a half second. Ian also had a great season and comes away with the top San Diego Section mark of 1:54.22 which is a new school record. Ian will matriculate at UCSB next year. At the Saturday Finals both the high jump and long jump started at 5:00 PM. This time there were no flights in the long jump so Alysah had to juggle both events at the same time. One advantage in the long jump is if you hit a big mark early in the competition you can pass the rest of your jumps. Friday's qualifying marks were not brought forward.  At the finals each of the 12 jumpers were allowed 3 tries. The top 9 were then allowed 3 more attempts with the top marks coming out of any of the jumps. On Alysah's first attempt she hit 19 feet 3.5 inches to immediately take the lead. However, there were three other girls also over 19 feet, so at that point it was too close for comfort.  After two more jumps, interspersed with high jump attempts she didn't improve her mark, but she did retain the lead.  Sometimes the only way to tell whether she was getting ready for the high jump or the long jump was the color of her shoes; the borrowed high jump shoes were green; her long jump shoes were red. Our high jump coach, Kerry Elders, was on one side of the field coaching her from the end zone while Jadel was coaching from the stadium. Jadel wasn't hard to spot from the field as he's 6 feet 8 inches tall. When the last three long jumps started. the high jump was in its final stages. Since she already had the lead, Jadel told her to pass until the last jump so she could concentrate on the high jump. Once the high jump was over she came back to the long jump pit, already the winner, as no one had exceeded her initial jump. She had nothing to lose so she went all out and cleared 19 feet 9.75 inches to win by nearly 7 inches.

This was a wind-legal Personal Record, a school record,  and is the fifth all-time best jump for San Diego County. Two-Time Olympic 100-meter champion, Gail Devers, has the top mark at 20 feet 7 inches. Alysah plans to go for that next season. Her long jump victory broke a 3-year drought of State Meet Track and Field Champions for the San Diego Section. The last State Champion was Madison’s Dotun Ogundeji who won the shot put in 2015.  At big meets, like the State Championships, it doesn't take too many top athletes for a team to place high in the rankings. Alysah scored enough points to put Coronado among the top 10 girls’ teams. We tied for eighth place with the next San Diego Section team, La Costa Canyon, coming in 43rd.

Track: CIF Finals 26 May 2017

There was quite a bit of press, both online and in print, coming into the CIF Track and Field finals held at Mt. Carmel high school last Saturday predicting that Coronado would be in a close contest for the girls' D-II title with University City, and that Alysah Hickey would lead the way for the Islanders. It turned out that only half of that prognosis came to pass. The team title wasn't close. 

Hickey won the Long Jump, the High Jump, anchored our winning 4x100 relay team, and placed second in the 100-meter dash. Her three individual events netted us 28 points. In the prelims for the Long Jump, she jumped 19 feet 3 inches. Because no one else came close to this mark, she almost sat out the three remaining jumps allowed in the finals. After everyone else finished their jumps, she took one more try and soared out to 19 feet 10.5 inches. Her Long Jump mark made her the top seed at the state meet this weekend and was a big improvement to her school record of 19-5.5 set earlier this year. Her mark in the high jump, for her, was just 'average,' at 5 feet 6 inches, but her PR of 5 feet 10.5 inches, set at the Mt. SAC Relays this year, makes her one of the top jumpers in the State.
Joining Hickey in the 4x100 were Ruthie Grant-Williams, who ran the first leg; Madison Shanks, who ran the second leg; and Abigail Whittemore, who ran the third leg. Their time of 48.22 was good for First Place in our Division, added 10 points to our score, and was a school record to boot.
 Our second highest scorer was Grant-Williams, who placed third in the high jump with 5 feet, 4 inches; eighth in the long jump with 16 feet, 8 inches; and second in the 100 hurdles with a time of 15.34.   Although her hurdle time was faster than the school record she set at the Bronco Invite this season of 15.39, it gets an asterisk as there was a 2.6 meter per second tailwind. Her three individual events totaled 15 points.  Our third highest scorer was Teresa Perez who placed fourth in the 1600 in 5:03.97, fifth in the 800 with 2:19.40, and fifth in the 3200 with 11:06.84.  Her three events added 13 points to our total. Sofia Van Arsdale added 3 points with a sixth-place finish in the 800 in 2:20.11. We had two other runners in the "A" heat of the 1600 besides Perez with Madden Hundley running 5:16.99 and Abby Hundley clocking 5:23.20. A big swing in points for us came in the Discus Throw. We thought that the University City girl would place third for 6 points. However, she fouled out and our girl, Victoria Perez, placed third for the 6 points.  Add the points up and they total 75. University City was second with 61 points, followed by Cathedral Catholic (58), La Costa Canyon (54), and West Hills (49) out of the 36 D-II schools that scored at least one point.

For the boys, our only advancer was Ian Hurlburt who won the 800-meter run with a time of 1:54.59. He hasn't lost a race to a San Diego runner all season. Luke Klingenberg clocked 4:31.25 in the 1600 for place eighth place in our division.

Our State Meet entries are Hickey in both the High Jump and Long Jump, Grant-Williams in the High Jump, and Hurlburt in the 800-meter run. We scratched Hickey from the 100-meter dash because there is a schedule conflict with the two jumps and the 100. Competing in three events at the same time is difficult enough at an invite. At the State Meet level, it's very difficult. Since Alysah's best events are the jumps, we'll stick with jumps, at least for this year.
The nine girls who competed in the CIF finals. All have a school record to their name.
Left to Right are Ruthie Grant-Williams, Abby Hundley, Madison Shanks, Teresa Perez, Madden Hundley, Victoria Perez, Sophia Van Arsdale, Abby Whittemore, Alysah Hickey. Click on Image to expand.