Thursday, November 22, 2012

Workouts 9 Nov to 24 Nov - Last Post of 2012 CC Season

This was the final post for the 2012 Cross Country Season. Posts above this are for the 2013 season.
9 Nov (Fri) Easy Recovery after League Finals
10 Nov (Sat) on track repetition session
11 Nov (Sun) Recovery
12 Nov (Mon) Easy 30-40
13 Nov (Tues) Morley Field ran parts of the course some hills but nothing too demanding
14 Nov (Wed) 2 miles easy 6x200 at R pace
15 Nov (Thur) easy short run
16 Nov (Fri) easy short run
17 Nov (Sat) CIF championships
18 Nov (Sun) Recovery
19 Nov (Mon) Recovery
20 Nov (Tue) 3x1 mile Tempo then 6 x 20 second fast strides
21 Nov (Wed) 1.5-2 mile easy run 4 x 200 at R pace (Spreckels Park)
22 Nov (Thur) ..easy on own... Thanksgiving
23 Nov (Fri) Travel to Fresno... jog state meet course

24 Nov (Sat) State Meet

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Workouts from Sunday through Thursday Nov 4-8

See the post for last week's workouts for the harder sessions leading up to Sunday.
Nov.  4, Sunday  on your own... 20 -30 minutes easy with 6 x 30 second strides.

Nov. 5 Monday:
Easy run 30 minutes
4 x 400 at R pace with lap  jog

Nov. 6 Tuesday
Easy run or bike to Hotel Del Rocks where took team pictures.
Team Shots at Del Rocks

Nov 7 Wednesday
Easy 20-30 minute run

Nov 8 Thursday
League Finals

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Rest of the season

Nov 8 Central League Finals

The Central League Finals is against the same schools we compete against in the dual meets. The league championships for both girls and boys are determined (equal weight) by this meet and the Win-Loss record against league teams, with the tie-breaker being this meet. Everyone is eligible to run. The top 10 finishers will be All-League with medals to the top 15 finishers.

Nov 17 CIF Finals (CIF course at Morley Field)
Nov 24 State Meet (Woodward Park in Fresno)

The CIF finals is the qualifying meet to determine which teams will go the the state meet in Fresno Thanksgiving weekend. *Only the top 2 boys teams and top 3 girls teams will advance. We run only the top 7 boys and top 7 girls in this meet. If we qualify for the state meet we leave Friday Morning, spend the night in Fresno and return on Saturday. We can run only 7 but take anyone who wants to make the trip. The rooms for the runners are covered but any parents or extra team members who come along will have to pay their own way.

* Individuals can also advance to the state meet if their team is not among the top 2 (boys) or 3 (girls) team that qualify.

For the boys an individual must be among the top 12 finishers overall and also among the top 5 finishers of those not on a qualifying team.

For the girls an individual must be among the top 14 finishers overall and also among the top 5 finishers of those not on a qualifying team.

The reason the girls send three teams and the boys only two is based on the San Deigo Section's performance at the state meet over a 3-year running period. The state looks at how many top-10 finishes at state a section has by division and gender and adjusts the number or qualifying teams accordingly. Each divsision in our section is grauanteed 2 slots. Based on the running 3-year average D-V boys and girls and D-IV girls get just 2. D-IV girls get 3 (in a large part thanks to Coronado's performance at State) and D-II girls get 4 (they are a very strong division). Everyone else gets 3.

Workouts Oct 25 - Nov 3

25 Oct: Dual meet with Crawford.
We used this as a tempo run then ran 4 x CIF hill.

26 Oct: Recovery run 5-8 miles

27 -28 October (Sat-Sun)
Suggested workout was to run for 40 minutes Fartlek with 2 x 5 minutes on in the middle.

29 Oct: Easy Distance 4-8 miles depending on level

30 Oct (on Track):
 Reverse ladder  600 - 500 - 400 - 300 - 200 - 100.
600 and 500 were at approx best 1600 pace.
Rest were negative splits down to all-out.

31 Oct (Halloween)
Recovery run.... some down Orange wearing tutu's I understand.

1 Nov -- hills
About half the team went to Kate Sessions park where they did 14 minutes + of pretty intense hills broken-up in 1 to 2 minute segments.
The rest of the team did a hill session at Pomona Park consisting of laps counter clockwise up Maria and down to to playground fast.

2 Nov... Easy recovery distance

3 Nov (Saturday) ...  5 x tempo "miles"
For those who attended Saturday's workout we warmed-up from the high school to Tidelands (1.2 miles).
After dynamics we ran 5 x "mile" tempos with about a 2 minute interval.
We set it up so the fastest runner (Chris Leary)  would turn around at around the 3/4 mile mark and run back to the mile point. The other runners would turn around when they saw him coming back. So, Chris ran full miles and most others ran for the same amount  of time,  which ranged from 5:30 to about 5:50 for each segment. The first segment started at Tidelands by the hospital and finished by the old toll booth along the golf course. The second segment started at the toll booth and finished next to the golf course entrance across from Visilia Row. The third segment started from Visilia Row and finished next to the Tennis Courts. The fourth segment started at the tennis courts and finished at a grassy park next to city hall 50 meters down from the Community Center. The final segment started and finished at the grassy park... everyone ran a full mile as I rode the bike for 1/2 mile where they all turned around. Then they ran easy for about 2 miles back to the school.