Monday, September 8, 2014

Sept 8 - September 21 Tentative Training Schedule

I have to assume that anyone who doesn't have their paperwork in by now and who have not been coming to practice on a regular basis (or not covering the workouts on their own) is not going to be on the team this season. We're too far along to take any new runners.

 Week of  8 -  14 Sept

Monday 8 Sept: Special Endurance - 1
Active warm-up via 6th to Alameda to 1st to Tidelands
5 x 300 barefoot on grass at near max effort with full recovery
Easy Cool down under bridge to Pomona to school.
This went as planned.

Tuesday 9 Sept: Recovery/base
4 to 6 mile recovery plus core

Wednesday 10 Sept
4 x 1 mile
Target pace is 85% of approximate current mile ability
For example..
4:30  miler would run around 5:29
4:45 miler would run around 5:35
5:00  miler would run around 5:54
5:30 miler would run around  6:28
6:00  miler would run around 7:04
6:30  miler would run around 7:39
Went at planned. Ran at Tidelands Park.

Thursday 11 Sept
45- 50 minute relaxed distance run plus core

Friday 12 Sept
Max speed session...  6x60 meters plus active warmup and easy cool down
We did these at Pomona on the grass barefoot, slightly downhill after a 2-mile warmup.

Saturday 13 Sept
Rest if you need it or 4-6 mile recovery run

Sunday 14 Sept
Relaxed distance to meet weekly goals

Week of 15-21 Sept 
*A scrimmage on Monday
Uniforms on Thursday

There is an invite (Mt. Carmel) on Friday that I'll take interested and qualified runners to). If you're interested and think you're qualified let me know.

* Monday 15 Sept
The Scrimmage that was scheduled was cancelled because of a heat day.
Instead worked out at 5pm, went to the beach and ran 5 x 1000 meter tempo runs on the sand. The 4th was long because a wave washed out the turn-around point so was stopped after 3 1000's and one longer run.

Tuesday 16 Sept
Recovery Run 30 - 45 minutes
This is another early release so run on your own.

Wednesday 17 Sept
6 x 120 meter hill repeats at Pomona plus active WU, Cool Down, Core

Thursday 18 Sept

Get uniforms -- 45 to 60 minutes relaxed distance  --  Core
Uniforms have been picked-up and today is another early release.
So... since today's workout is relaxed distance, hydrate, wait until it cools down, and run on your own. Tomorrow we'll be back on our regular schedule but I don't think we lost anything with the heat spell as we've had two quality sessions this week and will get another tomorrow or Saturday.

Friday 19 Sept... Two Groups:
Those going to Mt. Carmel Invite on Saturday

 6 x 400 Extensive Tempo on grass (easy)
Those not going to Mt. Carmel Invite on Saturday

8 x 400 Special Endurance 2 (fast)

 Saturday 20 Sept
Mt. Carmel group will race
Others will rest or run 30 minutes recovery
Sunday 21 Sept

Mt. Carmel Group rest or easy recovery
Others Relaxed distance to meet weekly goals

Week of 22 - 28 Sept
I'll post the workouts later for this week but there are 3 races.
Friday: South Bay Invite

Saturday: Stanford Invite
Saturday: Dana Hills Invite

Those not going to Stanford or South Bay will run at South Coast. I need to know ASAP if you want to run at Dana Hills.
The longer you wait the less chance you'll have of getting in.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

August 30 - Sept 7

Saturday 6-mile relay. Results are on or
Photos are on
Sunday easy recovery
Monday base (for those who ran the relay Saturday) or 6 x 120 Pomona hill
Tuesday 90 second race-pace for 5k  reps at Tidelands. See map below. This is on a 500 meter loop but each runner runs only 90 seconds. The course is set up with markers on the light posts to show the pace being run. The goal is to run at race pace. We did 12 of these starting each one at 3 minute intervals so there was a 90 second recovery between each.

Wednesday 4-6 mile recovery run (Tuesday was a hard workout)
Thursday : Long run .... up to 8 miles

Friday: Carpooled to Morley Field where varsity did 2-3 times the "Big Hill." The newer runners ranc the league course in segments followed by 10 fast downhill strides on the grass.

Saturday and Sunday .... base running on your own.

The "Big Hill" at Morley Field