Sunday, July 9, 2017

Tentative Training July 10 - 16

Training this week (July 10 - 16)

Folks.... there are less than 7 weeks until our first meet.... hopefully you've been following the training plan.

Assuming everyone has progressed through the training in the post prior to this one, here is the plan for next week... We'll met Monday, Wednesday, Friday at at 7am at the track, but we won't train at the track. If you haven't been training, the workouts below are probably not for you. Get the base work in first. You can come to the workouts but you won't do the same training as the ones who are ready. If you're out of town or otherwise can't make the workouts let me know and I'll give you a personalized plan. This is nearly all aerobic or high aerobic training.

Start every session with the Lunge Matrix
Get-in around 10 strides at the end of base days at about 800 - 1600 pace
Get-in a 20 minute core session twice a week (at least)

15 minutes base
10 x 2 minute tempo with 2 min jog
10 minutes base
What we did:
1. Ran from school to Glorietta Bay Park (2.5 miles)
2. Did dynamics there.3. 10 x 2 minutes at high tempo pace with 2 minute jog.First 2 got us to Pomona Park where we did 4 reps.Last 4 were along Glorietta Blvd to Tidelands.Tempo pace was determined using the Daniels Chart on our blog.Boys ran around 5:20 - 5:30, Girls 6:30 - 6:40.

On your own... 45 minutes of base/recovery

Progressive Long Run (faster at finish)
..or 10 x 1000 progressive tempo
What we did:
2.5 miles school to Glorietta Bay Park.
Then ran toward IB along the bike path for 10 minutes
4 at base pace, 1 at 5k pace, 4 at base pace, 1 at 5k pace.
Turn around and did the same for 10 minutes back to the park.
Then base pace to the tennis courts where we picked-up to 5k race pace again to the entrance of the golf course.
This was a little over 1k.
Base pace to the bike batch along the bridge and another fast pick-up to under the bridge (about 1/3 mile).
Base to Tidelands grass until everyone had an hour of running.
The ran back to the school at base pace.

50 minutes base/recovery on your own

Hill or strength session:
What we did:
We did the hill session at Kate Sessions Park.

1 mile hilly WU and CD around park plus several steep intervals.

Saturday - Sunday
Rest or 40 minute base
If you need rest on Sat, rest but do base on Sunday
If you do base on Sunday, rest on Saturday.
Monday we'll do  a VO2max workout