Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Training From Camp to Aug 14th

6 Aug: Long Run (Balboa 8 miles)

7 Aug : Easy or Rest

8 Aug:  35 - 45 min base run

9 Aug: Zig Zag Hills with the San Diego Track Club
      or. 5 x up Pomona Park hill on your own from Sidewalk to Top
      Jog back down, Strides and Core.

10 Aug: 45 - 60 minute recovery

11 Aug:  We'll meet at the track at 6:30am for a Tempo-VO2Max workout.
The main workout was 3 sets or 2 x 1000.
In each set the first 1000 was done at tempo pace followed by a 15-20 second rest followed by a 1000 at VO2max pace
There was a 4 minute break between sets.
2.8 mile warm-up, Core, 1.5 mile easy jog cool down.

12 Aug Recovery run

13 10 x 1 minute runs
Long way to Tidelands, (6th - Alamedia - Along Bay) 
Dynamics at Orange ave park
Along bay we did four 30 seconds on 30 seconds off.
10 x 1 minute run fast on grass from where we start the 1k toward the sidewalk.
Started at about mile race pace and got faster.  Jog walk back 3-4 min rest/
Gambetta Leg Circuit
Jog back to school.

14 Aug Recovery Run or rest to meet current mileage goals for the week.