Thursday, November 22, 2012

Workouts 9 Nov to 24 Nov - Last Post of 2012 CC Season

This was the final post for the 2012 Cross Country Season. Posts above this are for the 2013 season.
9 Nov (Fri) Easy Recovery after League Finals
10 Nov (Sat) on track repetition session
11 Nov (Sun) Recovery
12 Nov (Mon) Easy 30-40
13 Nov (Tues) Morley Field ran parts of the course some hills but nothing too demanding
14 Nov (Wed) 2 miles easy 6x200 at R pace
15 Nov (Thur) easy short run
16 Nov (Fri) easy short run
17 Nov (Sat) CIF championships
18 Nov (Sun) Recovery
19 Nov (Mon) Recovery
20 Nov (Tue) 3x1 mile Tempo then 6 x 20 second fast strides
21 Nov (Wed) 1.5-2 mile easy run 4 x 200 at R pace (Spreckels Park)
22 Nov (Thur) ..easy on own... Thanksgiving
23 Nov (Fri) Travel to Fresno... jog state meet course

24 Nov (Sat) State Meet

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Workouts from Sunday through Thursday Nov 4-8

See the post for last week's workouts for the harder sessions leading up to Sunday.
Nov.  4, Sunday  on your own... 20 -30 minutes easy with 6 x 30 second strides.

Nov. 5 Monday:
Easy run 30 minutes
4 x 400 at R pace with lap  jog

Nov. 6 Tuesday
Easy run or bike to Hotel Del Rocks where took team pictures.
Team Shots at Del Rocks

Nov 7 Wednesday
Easy 20-30 minute run

Nov 8 Thursday
League Finals

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Rest of the season

Nov 8 Central League Finals

The Central League Finals is against the same schools we compete against in the dual meets. The league championships for both girls and boys are determined (equal weight) by this meet and the Win-Loss record against league teams, with the tie-breaker being this meet. Everyone is eligible to run. The top 10 finishers will be All-League with medals to the top 15 finishers.

Nov 17 CIF Finals (CIF course at Morley Field)
Nov 24 State Meet (Woodward Park in Fresno)

The CIF finals is the qualifying meet to determine which teams will go the the state meet in Fresno Thanksgiving weekend. *Only the top 2 boys teams and top 3 girls teams will advance. We run only the top 7 boys and top 7 girls in this meet. If we qualify for the state meet we leave Friday Morning, spend the night in Fresno and return on Saturday. We can run only 7 but take anyone who wants to make the trip. The rooms for the runners are covered but any parents or extra team members who come along will have to pay their own way.

* Individuals can also advance to the state meet if their team is not among the top 2 (boys) or 3 (girls) team that qualify.

For the boys an individual must be among the top 12 finishers overall and also among the top 5 finishers of those not on a qualifying team.

For the girls an individual must be among the top 14 finishers overall and also among the top 5 finishers of those not on a qualifying team.

The reason the girls send three teams and the boys only two is based on the San Deigo Section's performance at the state meet over a 3-year running period. The state looks at how many top-10 finishes at state a section has by division and gender and adjusts the number or qualifying teams accordingly. Each divsision in our section is grauanteed 2 slots. Based on the running 3-year average D-V boys and girls and D-IV girls get just 2. D-IV girls get 3 (in a large part thanks to Coronado's performance at State) and D-II girls get 4 (they are a very strong division). Everyone else gets 3.

Workouts Oct 25 - Nov 3

25 Oct: Dual meet with Crawford.
We used this as a tempo run then ran 4 x CIF hill.

26 Oct: Recovery run 5-8 miles

27 -28 October (Sat-Sun)
Suggested workout was to run for 40 minutes Fartlek with 2 x 5 minutes on in the middle.

29 Oct: Easy Distance 4-8 miles depending on level

30 Oct (on Track):
 Reverse ladder  600 - 500 - 400 - 300 - 200 - 100.
600 and 500 were at approx best 1600 pace.
Rest were negative splits down to all-out.

31 Oct (Halloween)
Recovery run.... some down Orange wearing tutu's I understand.

1 Nov -- hills
About half the team went to Kate Sessions park where they did 14 minutes + of pretty intense hills broken-up in 1 to 2 minute segments.
The rest of the team did a hill session at Pomona Park consisting of laps counter clockwise up Maria and down to to playground fast.

2 Nov... Easy recovery distance

3 Nov (Saturday) ...  5 x tempo "miles"
For those who attended Saturday's workout we warmed-up from the high school to Tidelands (1.2 miles).
After dynamics we ran 5 x "mile" tempos with about a 2 minute interval.
We set it up so the fastest runner (Chris Leary)  would turn around at around the 3/4 mile mark and run back to the mile point. The other runners would turn around when they saw him coming back. So, Chris ran full miles and most others ran for the same amount  of time,  which ranged from 5:30 to about 5:50 for each segment. The first segment started at Tidelands by the hospital and finished by the old toll booth along the golf course. The second segment started at the toll booth and finished next to the golf course entrance across from Visilia Row. The third segment started from Visilia Row and finished next to the Tennis Courts. The fourth segment started at the tennis courts and finished at a grassy park next to city hall 50 meters down from the Community Center. The final segment started and finished at the grassy park... everyone ran a full mile as I rode the bike for 1/2 mile where they all turned around. Then they ran easy for about 2 miles back to the school.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Workouts Oct 22-24

Monday Oct 22 - Threshold pace
1. Run to Glorietta Bay Park as warm-up (2.3 miles long way)
2. 1200 at "T" pace (see Daniels chart on this blog) from Swimming Pool to where Glorietta and Pomona intersect. 
3. Jog about 2 min to Pomona Park
4. 1200 (or 800 for some) hilly "T" run at Pomona Park
Pomona Park 1200
5. Jog about 2 minutes to Glorietta and 6th
6. 1200 "T" pace to from 6th to Tidelands (1st water fountain)
7. 2min break
8. 1200 "T" pace (girls and some others 800) starting at water fountain (see map).
Tidelands 1200 from water fountain
9. Easy 1.2 mile run back to school.

Mileage was:
3.5 getting to Sunset and Back to School from Tidelands
4800 meters in Tempo runs (some replaced two 1200's with 800's)
... for about 6 - 6.5 miles of which 2.5 to 3 were at Threshold.

Tuesday Oct 23 Circuit Training
1. Approx 2.3 mile run to Tidelands (some took shorter route)
2. After warm-up we ran a circuit/core workout as follows.
Two points were established (A and B) 100 meters apart on the grass.
Fast run A-B
At B .. 50 crunches
Fast run B-A
At A Prone Plank for 1 minute (see earlier blog on planks)
Fast run A-B
At B Lateral Leg (side plank) leg raises 15 each side
Fast run B to A
At A ... Leg raises 6 inches off ground 10 seconds on 5 seconds off 6 repeats
Fast run A to B
At B ... Ten 8-Count Body Builders
Fast run B to A
At A ... back (supine) plank for 1 minute.

After the 1st circuit there was a 1 min rest then we repeated the circuit two more times with no break.

3. Easy run (1.2 miles) back to school.

Mileage was:
About 3.5 miles getting to Tidelands and back plus 1600 meters fast in circuit ... about 4.5 total

Wednesday 24 Oct
 Since there was a dual meet the next day and we just had two hard workouts we just ran to Sunset park (1.2 miles) and did a meet warm-up.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Workouts 12 Oct - 19 Oct

Catching up...
Friday 12 October Easy Recovery after the Clairemont meet

Saturday at Tidelands: Meet at track, run to Spreckels where we did 3 x 800 at Interval pace and 3 x 1000 at Tempo pace

Sunday on own, longer easy run

Monday: Distance.... up to 8 miles for varsity boys, less as appropriate.

Tuesday: Warm-up from Track to Tidelands. Then 5 x 800 meters at race pace (some did 4) with a 60 meter walk/jog  followed by 3 x 300 meter cut-downs starting at race pace and finishing at appox 800 meter race pace. Core and plank, jog back to Tidelands.

Wednesday ... easy distance and strides
Thursday ... Warm-up (for those going to Mt. SAC)
                  Others Grassy tempo reps at Sunset
Friday Mt. SAC Invite others on own.... but this was homecoming day.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Workouts over Columbus Day Break

I know that last Friday was after a race day and before a 4 day weekend but I was very disappointed in the turnout. Actually not so much the number of kids who didn't show-up but that they didn't text me to say they wouldn't be there.  Maybe I should start posting the roll sheets on here :-)
If you're going to miss a workout, send me a text or email as to why... don't just ditch.
If you plan to get a letter (V or JV) you need to come to most practices. If you plan to use CC as PE credit you must attend as many hours as the PE class would require... IOW miss no more than one day per week.

Anyway, the ones who did show-up on Friday did a recovery run with instructions to run a tempo ladder over the break. On Monday about a dozen went to Penasquitos Canyon where we had a hilly waterfall adventure of varying distances.
Here are a few photos if you also took some please upload clicking on the link at the top of the gallery.
  Tuesday we ran a few easy miles than 6 x 20 second starts at Spreckels plus a core session. Today we'll just warm-up. Tomorrow is our dual meet with Clairemont which, for a few days, is detailed on the "Dual Meet" tab at the top of this blog.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

What to expect at the meet

With our new cross country course doubling back on itself so many times and 4 races starting 15 minutes apart things could get a little confusing. At any moment there will be 2 races going on at the same time. In our races we'll be competing against both Madison and Christian. Neither of these teams pose a threat to either our boys or girls teams. However there will be two other schools in our races, Hoover and Kearny. Expect Hoover's Mulugeta Engdaw to lead wire-to-wire. At the Mt. Carmel meet he placed 6th in the small school junior boys race in 10:45 over 2.08 miles... about 5:10 mile pace. They also have a couple of other guys who will be in the mix with our top runners. Their girls team doesn't appear to have any outstanding runners with their best behind our top 7. Kearny has yet to run a race this season and has a small team, both boys and girls. Bottom line, expect the girls race to be dominated by Coronado and the boys led by the Hoover kid with a bit of competition for our guys behind him.

In the other races (Clairemont, Crawford, San Diego, Mission Bay, Lincoln) our top league rival Clairemont will have no problem in the girls race so they may just elect to use it as a workout. In the boys race, however, San Diego has a bunch of guys who can run under 18 minutes for 5k, Clairemont  can't beat San Diego but it'll be interesting to see how fast the Clairemont boys run, faced with that type of competition. Clairemont has a guy who can probably run 16 minutes or better for 5k, another who can crack 17, and a couple of sub 19 guys. Hopefully after tomorrow I'll know how we stack-up against them.

Best places to watch the race.
Look a the map below.. if you stand at Point A you can watch the runners head down to the dog loop after the start and come back after the 1st half mile. Then stay there or stroll over to B to see them return after the 1st mile. Then walk across the street to C where they'll pass by two more times during the 3rd mile. Finally stroll back across the street to the finish line to watch them there.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Workouts Oct 1st, 2nd, 3rd

We have our first dual meet this Thursday on the new Morley Field course so Monday was our only quality workout (not including the race) this week. Warmup to Tidelands Park the 1.6 mile route for some, the 1.2 mile route for others. After dynamic stretching and strides we did Cruise Intervals back to the school via Glorietta Blvd past the Hotel Del, and back via Ocean Blvd., Coronado Ave., and 6th Street. Varsity Boys ran down Glorietta to the 3rd light, Varsity Girls to the street between the Hotel Del and Shores, others shorter depending on level. The Cruise Intervals were 4 minutes at tempo pace with 3 minutes between. Varsity girls got 4-5 in, Varsity boys 6-7. Tuesday we did easy recovery 3-4.5 miles depending on level to Spreckels Park. There we did 6 x 20 second fast strides followed by a plank/core session. Wednesday was just a warmup and strides in prep for the race on Thursday.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Training Sept 22 - 27

After the South Bay meet I told everyone to get some easy miles in over the weekend which most did. Monday I planned a set of hill reps at Pomona but most of our runners were sore from the race which kind of surprised me. In retrospect, however, it was probably because the South Bay course consists of a lot of soft grass running.... easy on the legs but if you're not used to  racing on it will have after-effects. Actually this bodes well for the kids going to Stanford this weekend because the entire route is on the Stanford golf course. LOTS of soft grass there. After the first set I cut the rest of the planned session

Two miles easy plus 8 fast runs up the Pomona Park hill from the sidewalk to Maria.... about 280 meters.
Recovery was walk down Maria (steep downhill) and jog back to start.
That was enough for Monday.

Tuesday "recovery"
4 Miles (varsity) plus 8 x 20 second fast race strides at Spreckels plus  core session.

Run to Tidelands for warmup then after dymamics etc, we did a tempo run.
Varsity ran twice around the park on grass (thinking of Stanford) then back under the bridge to 6th... distance was two miles. Others did one lap then back to 6th. Walk up 6th to Spreckels, 5 x 100 meter strides and core session.

Those racing at Saints on Friday just ran to Sunset park did dynamic stretching and ran/walked back to school. Those running at Stanford on Saturday (Girls Varsity) went to Sunset like the others but continued on to finish a 4 mile easy run after dynamics.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Saints Small School Meet this Friday (Revised)

Here's a little info about the Saints Small School meet this Friday (revised).
Basically it's a meet for Schools with an enrollment of 1500 or smaller but it usually turns out to be mostly a preview of the D4 CIF competition. This year, because a couple of strong D4 schools have moved down to D5, it'll be a good indication of that division as well... maybe even more so. There are only 4 races starting with the girl's JV race at 3pm with races following every 25 minutes.

3pm Girls' JV
3:25 Boys' JV
3:50 Girls' Varsity
4:15 Boys' Varsity

All divisions (3,4,5) are run at the same time with the team results sorted out on the spot by Computer.
The D4 schools attending are:
Army-Navy Academy
Health Sciences High and Middle College
High Tech High (North County)
High Tech High (Chula Vista)

High Tech High (San Diego)
Mater Dei

Here is a full list of the schools entered.

My 2nd call for drivers hit the jackpot so now we have rides for everyone.
At 1:30 the following parents will drive (I'll also have a 9 passenger van).
Caryn Clausen (can take 5)
Leslie Angelino (can take 4)
Mariko Tortolero (can take 6)
Katie Lindeman? (Can take 4)
Steve Loefflers (can take 5)

This is enough drivers to transport kids to the 1st three races (see below).
Also Greg Cooper will be driving Minnie after school around 2:30 so if some kids want to leave later he can take a few more. Around the same time  Kelly De Laurentis will be driving Kingston; JB's mom can take JB and a couple more; Carlos' mom can take 5.... so the boys Varsity can all leave at 2:30 if they want. If not there will be room at 1:30.
Coming back there are plenty of seats available.

Here are the races I currently have everyone in (revised):

3:00 JV Girls 2.75 Miles

Olivia Angelino
Daly Brister   
Catherine Clausen      
Heather DeNagy 
Elliette Dudley
Samantha Duncan
Daniella Fernandez     
Lindsay Garner 
Erica Keamy    
Kristin Lindeman       
Kendall Reeder 
Niki Simon     
Kristina Thomas

3:25 JV Boys 3.04 Miles
Nathan Berge   
Sam Davies     
Sean Franks    
Robert Garner  
Aaron Loeffler 
Caleb Woodson 

 3:50 Varsity Girls 2.75 Miles

Irlanda Goulding
Erica Neff
Lauren Rocheleau
Maegan Sutton
Vanessa Tortolero
Minnie Chappell

4:15 Varsity Boys 3.04 Miles

This is the only local invite where we're allowed to run more than 7 on Varsity.
Jacob Blauser
Trevor Boyd    
Weston Breay   
Kingston De Laurentis  
Chris Leary    
Jason Vance    
Ben White   
Ryan Herrmann     
Brett McKim    
Carlos Montes
Jason Leary

 Location and the course
The course is the CIF course we'll be running at the CIF finals, the location, of course, is Morley Field. In essence this is the same course that we would have run at Mt. Carmel if the course were not shortened. Just the finish line changes a little bit.
Below are maps of the Mt. Carmel courses for boys and girls
Girls Course

Boys Course

Directions to the course

Please let me know ASAP if you can drive, and/or if you can't make it.
Coach Green

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Photos from South Bay Invite

I uploaded photos from the South Bay Invite Here...

See the top of the proof sheet to upload your own photos and videos from this race.

-Coach Green

Saturday, September 22, 2012

South Bay Results

South Bay Results
Good outing yesterday at South Bay. A lot of the new runners on the team finally got to run in a real meet and the "old hands" performed quite well, I think.
You  can find the results in several places.
They're linked to Track Magazine

They're also on

If you go to our School Page on you can filter just the Coronado results.

Here is what you'd get:

Taking this a step further here are the combined results for just Coronado Girls
Place TmPl First Name   Last Name       Gr  Time  Pace 
===== ==== ============ =============== == ==============
    1    1 Aeron        Yim             10  16:21  6:33
    2    2 Rachel       Steffen         11  16:26  6:35
    3    3 Hannah       Downey          10  16:42  6:41
    4    4 Brooke       Pierson         11  17:20  6:56
    5    5 Brooke       Hendricks       12  17:45  7:06
    6    6 Irlanda      Goulding        10  18:10  7:16
    7    7 Vanessa      Tortolero       11  18:27  7:23
    8      Erica        Neff            10  18:41  7:29
    9      Lauren       Rocheleau       10  19:01  7:37
   10      Maegan       Sutton          9   20:09  8:04
   11      Minnie       Chappell        9   20:13  8:06
   12      Lindsay      Garner          12  21:05  8:26
   13      Katie        Brooks          11  21:07  8:27
   14      Olivia       Angelino        10  21:51  8:45
   15      Kendall      Reeder          11  21:53  8:45
   16      Kristina     Thomas          12  21:54  8:46
   17      Daly         Brister         9   22:03  8:50
   18      Heather      DeNagy          9   22:05  8:50
   19      Niki         Simon           9   22:35  9:02
   20      Catherine    Clausen         11  28:03 11:14 

Here are the combined results for just Coronado Boys
Place TmPl First Name   Last Name       Gr  Time  Pace 
===== ==== ============ =============== == ============
    1    1 Chris        Leary           11  17:32  5:39
    2    2 Kingston     De Laurentis    11  18:29  5:57
    3    3 Ben          White           10  19:17  6:13
    4    4 Jason        Vance           12  19:19  6:14
    5    5 Weston       Breay           12  19:22  6:14
    6    6 Jacob        Blauser         9   19:27  6:16
    7    7 Trevor       Boyd            11  19:42  6:21
    8      Jason        Leary           9   20:18  6:32
    9      Morgan       Laughlin        11  20:52  6:43
   10      Aaron        Loeffler        10  20:53  6:44
   11      Caleb        Woodson         9   21:01  6:46
   12      Nathan       Berge           12  21:15  6:51
   13      Sean         Franks          12  22:02  7:06
   14      Brett        McKim           10  22:23  7:13
   15      Robert       Garner          9   23:01  7:25
   16      Sam          Davies          9   23:45  7:39
   17      Jarrett      Olmialowski     9   24:55  8:01

As a Team the Girls placed 5th overall in both the girls' varsity and in the computer combined overall results. We were the top Division 4 team.

              Combined JV and Varsity Girls Races

  1.    77  Otay Ranch           D1
  2.    85  San Pasqual          D1
  3.   138  Monte Vista          D3
  4.   139  Bonita Vista         D2
  5.   158  Coronado             D4
  6.   163  Point Loma           D2
  7.   175  El Capitan           D3
  8.   203  Valley Center        D3
  9.   254  Granite Hills        D1
 10.   281  San Diego            D1
 11.   304  West Hills           D2
 12.   347  Francis Parker       D5
 13.   366  Grossmont            D1
 14.   370  Sweetwater           D1
 15.   443  Valhalla             D2
 16.   443  Hilltop              D2
 17.   475  Our Lady of Peace    D3
 18.   478  Montgomery           D3
 19.   485  Olympian             D2
 20.   605  El Cajon Valley      D2
 21.   646  Oceanside            D2
 22.   664  Mater Dei Catholic   D4
 23.   664  Santana              D3
 24.   727  Mar Vista            D3
 25.   764  Southwest (SD)       D3
 26.   860  High Tech (CV)       D4

As a Team the Boys placed 14th overall in computer combined overall results. Like the girls, we were the top Division 4 team.

JV, Varsity, and F/S Combined Boys' races

  1.    68  San Pasqual    D1   
  2.   105  Valley Center  D3    
  3.   128  Otay Ranch     D1     
  4.   129  Point Loma     D2      
  5.   130  Sweetwater     D1     
  6.   134  El Capitan     D3       
  7.   224  St Augustine   D3      
  8.   229  Bonita Vista   D2      
  9.   246  San Diego      D1        
 10.   268  West Hills     D2      
 11.   271  Monte Vista    D3      
 12.   340  Francis Parker D5     
 13.   381  Granite Hills  D1     
 14.   480  Coronado       D4     
 15.   493  Grossmont      D1      
 16.   521  Santana        D3        
 17.   540  Olympian       D3     
 18.   570  Mar Vista      D3      
 19.   572  Hilltop        D2     
 20.   577  Valhalla       D2     
 21.   580  Horizon        D5     
 22.   583  Oceanside      D2     
 23.   634  Southwest (SD) D3     
 24.   642  Montgomery     D3     
 25.   718  Santa Fe Christian  D5 
 26.   740  Mater Dei Catholic  D4
 27.   796  High Tech (CV)  D4    
 28.   903  San Ysidro      D2  

Thursday, September 20, 2012

South Bay Invite

Friday's meet is at Rohr Park in Chula Vista.
We'll have a bus to get there for the early races but you'll have to arrange your own rides back.
 Early out tomorrow is 1:33, bus at 1:45.
Here's a link to the Google Map of the area that'll take you right to parking lot  "B" from the top of the Coronado Bridge

Here are a couple of maps of the course..
Boys run 5k Girls run 2.5 miles.

Below is a little map showing where I'll set-up camp.
The "B" is parking lot "B" on the Google Map.
The X is where the race packets, Trophies, Computer, etc are... under a stationary canopy.
The Circled area is where we we'll set-up, under that tree hopefully ...  if we get there in time that is.

I sent this out earlier but here are the times and some of the kids in the races (not exactly current).

3:30  2.5 Mile Girls Junior Varsity
Daly Brister            9
Katie Brooks            11
Minnie Chappell         9
Heather DeNagy          9
Samantha Duncan         9
Irlanda Goulding        10
Corinne Lennard         12
Kristin Lindeman        11
Erica Neff              10
Kendall Reeder          11
Lauren Rocheleau        10
Niki Simon              9
Maegan Sutton           9
Kristina Thomas         12

4:10 3.1 Mile Boys Frosh/Soph

Jacob Blauser           9
Sam Davies              9
Robert Garner           9
Jason Leary             9
Brett McKim             10
Ben White               10

2.5 Mile Girls  Varsity - 4:40 PM
Hannah Downey           10
Brooke Hendricks        12
Brooke Pierson          11
Rachel Steffen          11
Vanessa Tortolero       11
Elise Umansky           12
Aeron Yim               10

5:10 3.1 Mile Boys Varsity

Trevor Boyd             11
Weston Breay            12
Kingston De Laurentis   11
Chris Leary             11
Jason Vance             12

5:40 3.1 Mile Boys Junior Varsity

Nathan Berge            12
Sean Franks             12
Morgan Laughlin         11
Aaron Loeffler          10
Caleb Woodson           9

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Workouts for the week of Sept 17 - 21

 Workouts for the week of Sept 17 - 21

After the Mt. Carmel meet on Saturday I didn't want another quality day so soon so on Monday we did our distance day.

At Tidelands we did an Oregon-system inspired race-simulation like this (see map below):
800 meters at race pace starting at the beginning of the 1000 meter course.
Without stopping or jogging run a slower pace for a lap them back to the 1000 meter start (about 920 m)
800 meters are race pace
The slower lap
800 meters at race pace.

Then we did 10 x 100 fast strides and core.

Basically a recovery day 4-6 miles

Thursday we'll just warm-up and Friday we have the South Bay Invite.

-Coach Green

Friday, September 14, 2012

Mt. Carmel Saturday 15 Sept

Mt. Carmel Invite

For those going to Mt. Carmel, it's going to be very hot, so hydrate TODAY. I'll have plenty of RO water there.

Parking, transportation, and our "camp"

There are nearly 4500 runners signed up in the 16 races for tomorrow so parking could be a bit of a problem. The races, however, are distributed throughout the day so there will be people moving in and out. Still I'd get there, at the very least, an hour before your race. I'll be among the first people there in the morning because I need to set-up the computers and finish-line. Getting there early has the advantage of being able to pick a good spot for our "camp." I choose approximately the same spot each year... see map below. Since I'll be by myself in the morning I'll leave the water, ground covers and canopy's there to be set up when enough people arrive.

Coronado "camp" location for Mt. Carmel

There's a link to the entries at the top of the San Diego Track Magazine Message Board
Runners are responsible for their own transportation for this one.

Schedule (girls run 2.7 miles, boys run 2.95 miles)

Here is the schedule and who is running in which race.

11:55 Frosh Girls
 We have no freshmen girls running.

12:20 Frosh Boys
JB, Patrick, Sam, Robert, Jason Leary

12:45 Soph Girls
Hannah, Irlanda, Lauren, Aeron

1:10 Soph Boys
Aaron, Brett, Ben

1:35 Junior Girls
Kristin, Brooke Pierson, Rachel, Vanessa, Erica Keamy

2:00 Junior Boys
Trevor, Chris

2:25 Senior Girls
Lindsay, Brooke Hendricks, Corrine, Kristina, Elise

2:50 Senior Boys
Weston, Ryan, Carlos, Jason Vance

Directions... 5 to Pershing then left on Upas .. look for parking. 
Here's a Google map.

Maps of the courses:
Girls Map

Boys Map

 -Coach Green: cell 619-869-6873

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Workouts Sept 8 - 12

Hopefully everyone got a long run in either on the 8th or 9th (Saturday or Sunday). This week we worked a little harder M-W because of the Mt. Carmel Invite coming up on Saturday.
We went to Morley Field where we ran the 1st mile  of the city course plus a tad more as a warm-up. Then after dynamic stretching we did strides down to the bottom of where the dog loop path crosses Florida. This is the beginning of what we call the "Big Hill." It starts out very steep, goes through the dog loop past the pool, and all the way up to the top of the CIF hill... about 1114 meters.
The "Big Hill" at Morley Field

This was run twice (jogged down) followed by 5 sets of the Short Hill Rep and Core.
As always we went by time run so not everyone ran all the way to the top.

Those that went to Morley on Monday ran basically recovery but with 2 x 4 minute pickups on the way.
Those that didn't get to Morley ran to Sunset as a warmup, did the dynamics, etc., then ran a short route to Pomona Park where they ran 5 x 160 meter hill reps from the Pomona Ave. Sidewalk, across the park grass to Adella Ave... see picture below.

160 meter Pomona Park Grassy Hill Rep

We went to Tidelands park and ran a 1000 - 800 - 600 - 400 ladder at race pace with about 3-3.5 minute rests, as well as core.