Paces... VO2max, Base, Tempo, Equivalent Times

The table below shows how fast you should be running your base runs, your VO2max runs, and your Tempo runs.
The first 4 columns labeled 5K, 3 Mile, 3200, and 1600 are Jack Daniels' conversions for those 4 distances. Enter the table using the one that best fits your situation. They can also be considered equivalent times. The VDOT column is Daniels VDOT value for the entry time. Google VDOT if you don't know what this is. The 2 green columns are the VO2max pacse for both a mile and 1000 meters. Easy Base is the range within you should be running your base/recovery runs. Tempo is the Tempo or Threshold pace for 20, 25, and 30 minutes runs. 

So... Let's say that your current level of fitness is around 17:00 for  5k. You probably should also be able to run 3 miles in 16:22, 3200 in 10:31, and 1600 in 4:55.  If you're running a VO2max workout the pace should be 5:20 per mile or 3:19 per 1000 meters.  If you're just running a base or recovery run your pace should be between 7:05 and 7:21 per mile. If you're running a 20 minute Tempo or less your pace should be 5:53/mile. Longer Tempo Runs are a bit slower so I've included 25 and 30 minute paces as well. I don't take credit for any of these paces. All these values were taken from Jack Daniels type calculators and arranged as a table for easy access for our team.
If you want a copy of this for the fridge CLICK HERE FOR A PDF.

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