Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Training From Camp to Aug 14th

6 Aug: Long Run (Balboa 8 miles)

7 Aug : Easy or Rest

8 Aug:  35 - 45 min base run

9 Aug: Zig Zag Hills with the San Diego Track Club
      or. 5 x up Pomona Park hill on your own from Sidewalk to Top
      Jog back down, Strides and Core.

10 Aug: 45 - 60 minute recovery

11 Aug:  We'll meet at the track at 6:30am for a Tempo-VO2Max workout.
The main workout was 3 sets or 2 x 1000.
In each set the first 1000 was done at tempo pace followed by a 15-20 second rest followed by a 1000 at VO2max pace
There was a 4 minute break between sets.
2.8 mile warm-up, Core, 1.5 mile easy jog cool down.

12 Aug Recovery run

13 10 x 1 minute runs
Long way to Tidelands, (6th - Alamedia - Along Bay) 
Dynamics at Orange ave park
Along bay we did four 30 seconds on 30 seconds off.
10 x 1 minute run fast on grass from where we start the 1k toward the sidewalk.
Started at about mile race pace and got faster.  Jog walk back 3-4 min rest/
Gambetta Leg Circuit
Jog back to school.

14 Aug Recovery Run or rest to meet current mileage goals for the week.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

July 16 - 26

16 July (Saturday) Pomona Park Hill Ladder
2 mile wu
... 400 - 600 - 800 - 1000 - 800 - 600 - 400
2 mile cd

17 (Sun) rest

18 (Mon) Base Run about 45 minutes

19 (Tues) 6th street hills with San Diego Track Club or Tidelands VO2max
We did 800 - Mile - 4 x 1000 at Tidelands Rest = Work

20 (Wed) Base .155 times weekly mileage

21 Multi-Paced workout.
Same as we did on July 30 last season.

22 (Fri) Recovery 35-45 minutes

23 (Sat) 
Penasquitos Canyon Run or long run  on your own (.2 x weekly mileage)
Note.... we didn't go to the canyon. Instead we did the same workout we die on Aug 16 2014
4 x 1 mile at Silver Strand State Beach.

24 (Sun) Rest.

25 (Mon) Base Run 25 - 35 Minutes

26 (Tues) San Diego Track Club Hill Training 6pm at Balboa.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

July 7-15

For July 7 through 10 gradually increase your miles to the point where you'll do a long run on the 9th.
Base it on the total number of miles you are currently running per week.
On the 9th you will run 20% of your weekly miles.
Here's  a table:

                               July 7       July 8        July 9 
20 miles/week          2.5            3                4
25 miles/week          3               4                5
30 miles/week         3.5            4.5              6
35 miles /week          4             5.5              7
40 miles/week          4.5            6                8
45 miles/week           5              7                9

On the 10th we'll be on the dunes for strength.

11th.... do a recovery run with the same number of miles you did on the 7th
12th ... add a mile to the distance you did on the 7th

13th... Tempo Run - details later  - Based on where you are in your training
Pace for those ready will be based on the Jack Daniels Pace Chart... see RunBayou pace calculator at the top of this blog.

14th ... Same distance as July 8th
15th ... Long run (20% of weekly mileage)

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Early Training - 3

27 June: 40 - 45 minute base run
28 June: 20 minute tempo run
This is the same as the tempo runs shown for June 20 in the plan with dates in the previous post.
Try to make the on-tempo segments longer.
29 June 40 - 45 minute  base run
30 June  50 - 60  min Long Run (you can back off a bit from normal base pace)

1-July  -- Cruise Intervals
Warm-up for about 10 minutes including strides.
Then run for 4 minutes at "fast" tempo or "slow" VO2max pace.
Jog for 2 minutes and repeat. Do 4 reps. Keep it under control and resist the urge to run too fast at the start. Cool down for 2 miles

2 July 45 - 50 minute base

3-July Rest

4 July Pomona Hills (do 7)
OR... be a pacer in the Coronado 4th run... we still need some volunteers.
Contact me ASAP if you are able to do this.

5 July 35 minute base pace

6 July... we'll meet for 4 x 1 mile VO2max

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Early Training - 2

Here is a little more detail on the early season training broken-up into New or Just Starting Runners and Returning or Experienced Runners. Also you may be someplace in-between. Don't think that the training below is written-in-stone as the most important part of your training is constancy and getting in the weekly long run. Don't skip a lot of days.... try to run nearly every day. Each day, unless stated otherwise you should do the strides as explained in the post immediately below this one. Let me know if you want me to set-up a Google Docs training log just for you. That's the best way for me to keep track of your training on an individual basis. All I ask is that you use it and post to it after every workout.... Coach Green

    Just Starting or New Runner Returning or Experienced Runner
16-Jun Thu 25 Minutes Base 35 Minutes Base
17-Jun Fri 25 Minutes Base 35 Minutes Base
18-Jun Sat 35 Minutes Base (Strides after Run) 45 Minutes Base (strides after run)
19-Jun Sun See Post Below for Day 4 - Pomona hills
20-Jun Mon 25 Min Base  - No Strides 35 Min Base - No Strides
21-Jun Tue 25 Min Base 35 Min Base
22-Jun Wed Rest 
23-Jun Thu 35 Minutes of Base 45 Minutes of Base
24-Jun Fri See Post Below for Day 9 - 400's
25-Jun Sat 25 Min Base 35 Min Base
26-Jun Sun 35 Min Base 45 Min Base
27-Jun Mon 25 Min Base 35 Min Base
28-Jun Tue See Post Below for Day 4 … Both groups do the hills
29-Jun Wed Rest 
30-Jun Thu 40 Min Base - No Strides 45 Min Base - No Strides
1-Jul Fri 20 Minute Tempo Run
Take your best 1600/mile time from track this season and add 20 seconds.
Then look at the Daniels Table at the top of this blog to find your tempo pace.
For Example Luke at 4:27 would use 4:46 for a tempo pace of 5:40 or so.
Madden at 5:32 would use 5:52 for a tempo pace of around 6:53.
After a 2 mile warm-up and dynamics try to hold this pace for 20 minutes.
If you can't without it feeling like a race, jog for a couple of minutes and
start back up. Continue like this until you've run at pace for 20 minutes.
New runners .... just guess at it and run progressively faster than you normally would for a base run.
2-Jul Sat 25 (new runners) - 35 minutes Recovery (a bit easier than base)
3-Jul Sun 40 Min Base 50 Min Base
4-Jul Mon Pomona Hills - see day 4 on the post below (Experienced runners do 7)
The non-contact period will be over after this and we'll start meeting for
workouts several times a week. I'll put that schedule up later.
Since most of the Varsity will be going to the Idyllwild Camp at the end of the month we'll structure the training so you'll be ready for it. For those not going to the camp, we'll mirror the training as much as possible.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Early Prep-1 Training

After you've had your 2-weeks off here's how to start your summer's training.
I didn't break it down into days of the week but, for now, it's a 7-day cycle.
If you look at the top menu of this blog you'll see a tab called "Base Pace." Use this as a guide for how fast you should be running. This first part is pretty easy but follow it anyway. I plan to create google doc runners' logs this season in order to be able to track everyone's progress on a one-on-one basis... stay tuned for that. If you're not on our contact list yet see the "Team Info Sheet" at the top of this blog.

Core should be done every day, even if you don't run.
See the members section on for the routines.
 If you're on the Islander team and need the user name and password email me.

Strides should be done every day.
For CC they should be at your current mile pace.
For Hill and interval days they should be part of the warmup.
For easy days they should be part of the run (about halfway into the run).
For long run days do them after the run. 

1st two weeks

Days 1 and 2
30 Minutes at Base pace (include strides during run)

Day 3:
45 Minutes at Base (strides after run).

 * Day 4: Pomona Hills:
2 mile dynamic warm-up
Jog 1st mile. 2nd mile bounding, skipping, last 200 very fast
6 x 120 - 200 meter hills (white house).
Jog back down.
2 mile jog home .... core after hills or at home.
* If you are completely new just do a 30 minute run with 6 x 30 second pick-ups in the middle.

 Day 5 and 6
35 - 40 minute base

Day 7

Day 8
30 Minutes at Base (include strides during run)

Day 9
* Race Pace Workout
2 mile dynamic warm-up.
8 x 400 at current 5k race pace
See the tab at the top of this blog called "Daniels Pace Chart" for the pace.
You'll have to guess at your current 5k pace... guess slow and if you feel ok you can pick-up a bit.
Take a 2-3 minute break in-between. If 3 minutes isn't enough recovery you're running too fast.
* If you're new just do 8 pickups of 90 seconds during a 30 minute run.

Day 10
35 minute base

Day 11
45 minute Longer Base Run

Day 12
35 minute base

Day 13 ... Same as day 4, Pomona Hills

Day 14

I'll add to this as we go on... After another week or two we'll be past the non-contact period.

2016 Cross Country Tentative Schedule

Calendar - very tentative for the invites at this time.
10 June: Last day of School


26 August: First day of school - All paperwork needs to be turned in by this date to continue practice with the team.

  3 Sept: Cougar Classic 6 Mile Relay Ca. State San Marcos
17 Sept: Mt. Carmel Invite - or - Woodbridge Invite
23 Sept: South Bay Invite
24 Sept: Stanford Invite
We can up to 7 boys and 7 girls to the Stanford Invite.
The rest of the team will run at the South Bay Invite on Friday.

 30 Sept: Saints Small School Invite
12 Oct: Double Dual Meet with Hoover and Mira Mesa
19 Oct: Dual meet with Patrick Henry
26 Oct: Dual Meet with Pt. Loma
  2 Nov: Dual Meet with Mira Mesa
  9 Nov: League Championships
19 Nov: CIF Championships
      Top 7 boys and Top 7 girls

26 Nov: State Meet in Fresno

As you can see from the schedule above, for the coming season there was a shuffling of the league structure in the City Conference. For the last few years we've been in the Central League with Clairemont, Madison, Christian, and Crawford. This provided virtually no competition for us. This year we're in the Eastern league with  San Diego, Hoover, Patrick Henry, Mira Mesa, and Pt. Loma. These are all stronger teams and will provide our boys' squad with better competition. Our top girl runners will still have relatively little competition but the races will be deeper for the rest of the team.

BTW track next year will be:
Coronado, Clairemont, Lincoln, Madison, Mission Bay, Christian, Crawford, Kearny

-Coach Green