Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Saints Small School Meet this Friday (Revised)

Here's a little info about the Saints Small School meet this Friday (revised).
Basically it's a meet for Schools with an enrollment of 1500 or smaller but it usually turns out to be mostly a preview of the D4 CIF competition. This year, because a couple of strong D4 schools have moved down to D5, it'll be a good indication of that division as well... maybe even more so. There are only 4 races starting with the girl's JV race at 3pm with races following every 25 minutes.

3pm Girls' JV
3:25 Boys' JV
3:50 Girls' Varsity
4:15 Boys' Varsity

All divisions (3,4,5) are run at the same time with the team results sorted out on the spot by Computer.
The D4 schools attending are:
Army-Navy Academy
Health Sciences High and Middle College
High Tech High (North County)
High Tech High (Chula Vista)

High Tech High (San Diego)
Mater Dei

Here is a full list of the schools entered.

My 2nd call for drivers hit the jackpot so now we have rides for everyone.
At 1:30 the following parents will drive (I'll also have a 9 passenger van).
Caryn Clausen (can take 5)
Leslie Angelino (can take 4)
Mariko Tortolero (can take 6)
Katie Lindeman? (Can take 4)
Steve Loefflers (can take 5)

This is enough drivers to transport kids to the 1st three races (see below).
Also Greg Cooper will be driving Minnie after school around 2:30 so if some kids want to leave later he can take a few more. Around the same time  Kelly De Laurentis will be driving Kingston; JB's mom can take JB and a couple more; Carlos' mom can take 5.... so the boys Varsity can all leave at 2:30 if they want. If not there will be room at 1:30.
Coming back there are plenty of seats available.

Here are the races I currently have everyone in (revised):

3:00 JV Girls 2.75 Miles

Olivia Angelino
Daly Brister   
Catherine Clausen      
Heather DeNagy 
Elliette Dudley
Samantha Duncan
Daniella Fernandez     
Lindsay Garner 
Erica Keamy    
Kristin Lindeman       
Kendall Reeder 
Niki Simon     
Kristina Thomas

3:25 JV Boys 3.04 Miles
Nathan Berge   
Sam Davies     
Sean Franks    
Robert Garner  
Aaron Loeffler 
Caleb Woodson 

 3:50 Varsity Girls 2.75 Miles

Irlanda Goulding
Erica Neff
Lauren Rocheleau
Maegan Sutton
Vanessa Tortolero
Minnie Chappell

4:15 Varsity Boys 3.04 Miles

This is the only local invite where we're allowed to run more than 7 on Varsity.
Jacob Blauser
Trevor Boyd    
Weston Breay   
Kingston De Laurentis  
Chris Leary    
Jason Vance    
Ben White   
Ryan Herrmann     
Brett McKim    
Carlos Montes
Jason Leary

 Location and the course
The course is the CIF course we'll be running at the CIF finals, the location, of course, is Morley Field. In essence this is the same course that we would have run at Mt. Carmel if the course were not shortened. Just the finish line changes a little bit.
Below are maps of the Mt. Carmel courses for boys and girls
Girls Course

Boys Course

Directions to the course

Please let me know ASAP if you can drive, and/or if you can't make it.
Coach Green

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