Monday, June 6, 2016

Early Prep-1 Training

After you've had your 2-weeks off here's how to start your summer's training.
I didn't break it down into days of the week but, for now, it's a 7-day cycle.
If you look at the top menu of this blog you'll see a tab called "Base Pace." Use this as a guide for how fast you should be running. This first part is pretty easy but follow it anyway. I plan to create google doc runners' logs this season in order to be able to track everyone's progress on a one-on-one basis... stay tuned for that. If you're not on our contact list yet see the "Team Info Sheet" at the top of this blog.

Core should be done every day, even if you don't run.
See the members section on for the routines.
 If you're on the Islander team and need the user name and password email me.

Strides should be done every day.
For CC they should be at your current mile pace.
For Hill and interval days they should be part of the warmup.
For easy days they should be part of the run (about halfway into the run).
For long run days do them after the run. 

1st two weeks

Days 1 and 2
30 Minutes at Base pace (include strides during run)

Day 3:
45 Minutes at Base (strides after run).

 * Day 4: Pomona Hills:
2 mile dynamic warm-up
Jog 1st mile. 2nd mile bounding, skipping, last 200 very fast
6 x 120 - 200 meter hills (white house).
Jog back down.
2 mile jog home .... core after hills or at home.
* If you are completely new just do a 30 minute run with 6 x 30 second pick-ups in the middle.

 Day 5 and 6
35 - 40 minute base

Day 7

Day 8
30 Minutes at Base (include strides during run)

Day 9
* Race Pace Workout
2 mile dynamic warm-up.
8 x 400 at current 5k race pace
See the tab at the top of this blog called "Daniels Pace Chart" for the pace.
You'll have to guess at your current 5k pace... guess slow and if you feel ok you can pick-up a bit.
Take a 2-3 minute break in-between. If 3 minutes isn't enough recovery you're running too fast.
* If you're new just do 8 pickups of 90 seconds during a 30 minute run.

Day 10
35 minute base

Day 11
45 minute Longer Base Run

Day 12
35 minute base

Day 13 ... Same as day 4, Pomona Hills

Day 14

I'll add to this as we go on... After another week or two we'll be past the non-contact period.

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