Sunday, June 29, 2014

June 26 - July 7

Before we get to the workouts we still need help for Tuesday registration and Friday timing for the 4th of July fund-raiser.
You can sign-up here.

On Thursday, June 26, we did a 2-mile VO2max run along the golf course, under the bridge to Tidelands. This was to get a date reading of your fitness. Of course not everyone participated but we have to keep the progression going just the same. Hopefully if you're not at the quality workouts you'll attempt to do something similar. Summer training is a progression and if you miss it your season will be less than it could have been. School starts on August 21 and our first meet is on August 30. Only runners who are in shape and ready to compete will attend the early meets. Also if you're not able to meet the standards that are on the main website at by the first week of practice you won't make this year's team.You can qualify for the team during our summer training. If you ran a qualifying time last season or can show results that qualify you won't need to qualify again once school starts.
June 27 - June 29 were base days on your own.... hopefully one of those days was a long run. On Monday (June 30) we'll do the another hill workout.
Monday meet at the track at 9am.
If you have been diligent about keeping your base mileage up Tuesday can be a rest day.. otherwise get the mileage in.
On Thursday (July 3) a 3-4 mile tempo run is on tap for those not running in the 5k or 15k on the 4th.
July 4th is either the race or recovery for those who did the tempo run on the 3rd.
July 5th is a long run for those who did tempo on the 3rd and recovery for those who raced on the 4th.  Friday we'll do a strength workout (dunes or hills), Saturday Recovery, Sunday off (unless you missed a day).
So.... the days other than base for this period are:
26 June... 2 mile VO2max (done)
30 June (Monday) ... Hills
3  July (Thursday) Tempo if not racing on the 4th
4 July (Friday) Race if signed-up for it
5 July (Friday) Recovery (racers) or long run
6 July (Saturday) Rest or make-up missed day
7 July (Sunday) Base run.

-Coach Green

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Monday 23 June Workout

After a 2.3 mile warm-up in which we did several fast runs from 10 seconds to 30 seconds, we did dynamics at Pomona Park. The ran 6 times up the Pomona hill from the sidewalk to 8th street (see June 11 post). We finished off with a 2.5 mile easy run.... 5.5 miles total.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Base pace and long run over the summer

Summer Training…
Now that the no-contact period is over we'll start meeting a couple of times per week. However the bulk of your training over the summer is really on your own or with a running partner. As we progress through the summer we'll get more and more focused on tempo, hills, and speed. Right now, however, your primary goal is to concentrate on aerobic training to elicit mainly structural changes in your body. These base miles should be run at approximately between 60 and 75 percent of your maximum heart rate and account for 80 to 85 percent of your weekly mileage.  Just how fast is that? Well, it's faster than your recovery runs but slower than tempo.  For fast runners it's about 1.5 minutes slower than their pace for 10k, for slower runners it's about 1 minute slower than their pace for 10k.
I've done the math for you based on 5000 meter time.
  Note... there is now an update to the table below. it's linked at the top of this blog under Base Pace.
5k     Base
Time  Pace
15    6:40
16    6:55
17    7:15
18    7:30
19    7:50
20    8:05
21    8:25
22    8:40
23    9:00
24    9:15
25    9:35
Just interpolate between the 5k paces by minute in this table.
So… If your 5k time  is 19:30, your base pace is half-way between 7:50 and 8:05 or about 7:57 per mile.
I suggest you use either your current 5k time of reasonable  goal time. 
In addition to the base pace you'll do every day you should include one long run per week that's about 20% of your total weekly miles.
So…. If your weekly mileage is 30 miles per week, multiply 30 times .2 for a long run of 6 miles.
This leaves 24 miles for the rest of the week or an average of 4 miles per day if you're running 7 days per week.
-Coach Green

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Workouts to do now

Until we can meet again after June 20, and assuming you've taken at least a 2-week break,  just keep running easy --- 20 - 30 miles per week is sufficient for now. You may want to include a longer run of 20% of the mileage you've been doing. One suggestion for this would be to participate in the Summer Runs hosted every week by UC, Cathedral Catholic, Henry. There you'll meet runners of all levels for a base run. This week they're meeting at Penasquitos Canyon.
Here is a link to all of their workouts this summer.
Or.... just do a hill session at Pomona or Balboa Park.
A suggestion would be (we've done this many times).
2 mile active warm-up to Pomona (strides along the way).
Once there run 6 x 150 - 200 meters up the grassy hill to 8th street ... walk back down. Finish up with a 2 mile easy run.
Here's a little map of the area.

Summer Training - no contact period

Well... Track is finally over and you're all chomping at the bit to get into cross country training full-swing. Yes? No? Not so fast... if you just finished track you need a few weeks to decompress. You can do nothing, bike, swim, jog.. but no hard running. I know that not all of you finished the season at the same time.... Erik went to the state meet on June 6th, Aeron's last meet was May 31 at the CIF finals, and most everyone else finished up on May 24 at the CIF prelims if not earlier. If you've had 3 or more weeks off you should be simply getting in some easy distance at this point-in-time 30-40 minutes with a longer run once a week that's about 20% of your total weekly mileage. Starting the week of June 23 (because the no-contact period goes to the 20th) we'll start meeting once or twice a week for more specific workouts. If I don't have you on my email/text contact list fill out the form below.
Contact Form... Please fill-out

Like last year, we have a minimum pace requirement to be a member of the team. Girls must be able to run a mile no slower than 7:45 and boys no slower than 6:30.
-Coach Green