Daniels Pace Chart

Here are two resources I use for nearly every workout.
The first is an abbreviated version of the Jack Daniels Pace charts, the 2nd is an online application I wrote that gives you the pace you should run for any distance. They complement each-other... Coach Green
Here's a link to my pace application. 

I also maintain the San Diego Track Magazine Website

Jack Daniels Pace Chart 

I thought I'd put the Daniels Pace Chart up for easy reference.
You can also download the pdf here...

As an example ... look at the highlighted row below. This is for someone who is CURRENTLY capable of running around a 6 minute mile and/or a 20:40 5k.
This person's easy or recovery runs should be at a pace of around 8:30 per mile with Tempo runs paced at around 7:00 per mile.
When we do Repetition runs at 200 or 400 meters the times should be around 44 and 90 seconds.
When we do Interval runs at 400, 1000, or 1200 meters the times should be around 96, 4:03, and 4:49 respectively. Any distances no shown will be at these same paces. 

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