Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Tentative Training Sept 11-15

Mid length base run 2.5 - 4.5 miles for various runners
At Pomona Park
20 minutes of Oregon 80 meter form/speed drill for those running Woodbridge /   6x Hill repeats for those running  Mt. Carmel
Easy Cool down run.

Tuesday: 3 x Progressive repeats. 18 min or under for 3 mile will do 1 mile.
Others 3 x race pace for 6 minutes.

Wednesday: 45 min Base + Strides / Core

Thursday : 6 x 400 Extensive Intervals (75% of 400 meter pace)

Friday: Easy run, strides.

Woodbridge Invite (Night) or Mt. Carmel (Morning)
For those not running either Mt. Carmel or Woodbridge Friday/Sat will be something else.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Training Aug 28 to Sept 10 and Bronco Roundup

 Below are the workouts we did from Aug 28 to Sept 10 plus the Bronco Roundup results.
Obviously the new members of the team will not be able to handle all of this. However, since each quality session also includes several miles of warm-up and cool down, they'll get their base mileage in just by running to and from the workout venue. As they progress they'll do more and more of the faster running. On Sept 9th we have our 2nd meet.... The Bronco Invite. Hopefully we'll have some of the new runners ready to compete by then. Since Bronco has novice races, most of the team should be able to run.... All races at Bronco are 2 miles.

28-Aug  Mon     Special Endurance 1 --- 6x150 (2 mile WU -- Long Cool Down
29-Aug  Tue     45 min Recovery, core
30-Aug  Wed     30 minute Tempo - Core/GLC   (2 mi WU… 2 mi CD)
31-Aug  Thu     Strength Training on the Coronado North Beach Dunes. 90 seconds on with 3 minutes off (walk/stand) 6 times
1-Sep     Fri     Recovery
2-Sep   Sat     Long Run Time is runner specific  - Core:  if needed rest or Recovery Run
3-Sep   Sun     Recovery or base
4-Sep   Mon     2x1000 at vVO2max, 2 x 800 3-4 seconds faster than vVO2max, 4 x 400 at mile pace and faster.... At Tidelands with 4 min rests
5-Sep   Tue     45 min Base or Recovery, Core/GLC
6-Sep   Wed     4 x 800 race Pace Repetitions …. Bronco in 3 days
7-Sep   Thu     45 min Base or recovey
8-Sep   Fri     Warmup and strides
9-Sep   Sat     Bronco Roundup at Kit Carson Park

Islander Cross Country Teams Compete at Bronco Invite
Last Saturday our girls' and boys' cross country teams competed at the Bronco Roundup hosted by Rancho Bernardo at Kit Carson Park. The Roundup is a popular early season meet for many of the better cross country programs in the county. We managed to get into the Division-1 races which were limited to 15 schools. The significance of this for the girls' team is that our top two Western League rivals, University City and Cathedral Catholic, as well as our top CIF rival, Sage Creek, were also in the same race.  All races were 2 miles long over rolling hills with a series of steeper hills starting at the one-mile mark for about 450 meters. In the girls' Varsity race, Teresa Perez placed 3rd with a time of 11:40 followed by Madden Hundley who clocked 12:16 for 19th place. Abigail Hundley was 35th in 12:46 followed by Claire Morris (41st in 12:51).  Jessica Ehret rounded out the scoring in 46th place with a time of 12:56 followed by the pushers Naya Tamirez  (12:59) and Natalya Gomez (14:03).  Team-wise the girls placed 3rd overall with 135 points. La Costa Canyon was 1st with 65 and El Camino 2nd with 70. University City placed 6th with 155, Sage Creek 7th with 174 and Cathedral Catholic 8th with 177.
The Coaches Poll for the top 10 teams in the county just came out and the Coronado Girls are currently ranked 5th overall. They’re the only CIF Division IV team in the top 10.
 In the boys' Division-1 race, Spencer Busby placed 7th overall with a time of 10:17 followed by Ian Hurlburt (25th in 10:40), Cole Mullins (11:04), Casey Harris (11:14), Connor Jaynes (also 11:14), and Grant Hawthorne (11:34).  Sage Creek won overall with 87 points. Cathedral Catholic placed 8th with 205, Coronado was 9th with 208, and University City was 10th with 254. It's too early in the season assign much significance to the team placings as, like us, many of the schools probably didn't have all their top runners in the race. But, at least, we appear to be in the running.
 In addition to the varsity heats we had several runners in the JV races.
In our girls' JV race Abby Fabiszak ran 15:33 followed by Regina Czerewko in 16:03, Kate Ruiz in 17:23, and Emma Kilfoil in 17:34. For the boys' JV race Andres de la Lama ran 12:14 followed by Kento Kitabayshi in 12:46, and Will Leonard in 13:43.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Training 16 - 27 Aug and results of the Vaquero Stampede

See the Paces tab at the top of this blog to get an idea of how fast these workouts should be.

Wed 16 Aug:
4.3 Mile Base
Ran from school to 1st and Alameda, along Bay, Under Bridge to Pomona Park.
Then 3 x  1k at race pace at Pomona on new course with "hills."
Finished with 2.6 miles back to school.
Approx 6.8 miles in all.

Thur: 40 minute relaxed (recovery) - core
Friday: 40 minute steady distance (slower than tempo) or long run
Sat: Special Endurance 2  (8x400 on grass) ~5 seconds faster than date 1600 pace
Sun: Rest --  core
Mon: 30 minute tempo run (pace adjusted for length of run ... see Paces at top of Blog)
Tues: Speed on track … 8x200
Wed: 45 minute recovery/Base/or long run depending on athlete
Thur: 1st day of school base/recovery or 1.5 mile Time Trial for new runners
Fri: 30 minutes easy + strides if running at Vaquero
Sat: Vaquero or base/long on your own
Sun: Rest  -- core

Here are the results of the Vaquero Invite:

The Islander Cross Country team took a full girls' varsity team and a partial boys' team to the first invite of the season, the Vaquero Stampede, which is run around Lindo Lakes in Lakeside. There were around 50 schools entered in 3 divisions but we entered a little too late to get the girls' team in the fastest races. In the division II girls' Junior/Senior race Teresa Perez cruised to an easy win over the 1.65-mile flat course with a time of 9:25. The second-place finisher, Rose of Sharon Wilson from High Tech High, clocked 9:51 followed by Islanders' Madden Hundley and Naya Tamariz in 9:56 and 9:59. Sixth place went to Claire Morris who ran 10:10 followed by Natalya Gomez who ran 11:08 while finishing 19th to round out the scoring. There were 93 finishers. The top 3 teams were Coronado with 26 points, Bonita Vista with 66 and Del Norte with 70.  Hundley probably would have placed 2nd but at the start she was shoved from the back and went down hard on her shoulder.  Because of this the race was stopped and restarted so Hundley ran with a sore shoulder and a nasty scrape. Sometimes Cross Country IS a contact sport, especially where there are 100 starters on a narrow path. Our other girls' event was the Division II Frosh/Soph race. In that heat, our two new runners, Abigail Hundley (Madden's Sister) and Jessica Ehret placed 7th and 8th with times of 10:17 and 10:18. The pair are not new to running as they were the top 2 runners in our middle school "farm team" last season. They were the first freshman finishers out of 110 runners. Not a bad start. In the Division-I girls' race University City placed first with 53 points followed by Cathedral Catholic in second with 63, and Steele Canyon with 83. When all the races were combined there was little to separate University City, Cathedral Catholic, and Coronado. I'm bringing this up because now we're in the Western League with UC and CC.  The girls' league races are going to be very competitive this season.
Because of SAT and a few other conflicts, we had only 5 boys running, one freshman and 4 in the Jr/Sr race. In the Frosh/Soph race Grant Hawthorne placed 20th over the same course the girls ran with a time of 9:19. He was the 3rd freshman to cross the line. In the Jr/Sr race Spencer Busby placed 7th over the 2.15-mile long course with a time of 10:57.  He was followed by Kenneth May in 17th with a time of 11:15, Cole Nichols in 12:16 and Connor Jaynes in 12:31.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Recent Workouts

 Here are some of recent workouts we've been doing.... rest of the days are base, recovery, and long runs.

7 July
1. Ran from school to Glorietta Bay Park (2.5 miles)
2. Did dynamics there.
3. 10 x 2 minutes at high tempo pace with 2 minute jog.
First 2 got us to Pomona Park where we did 4 reps.
Last 4 were along Glorietta Blvd to Tidelands.
Tempo pace was determined using the Daniels Chart on our blog.
Boys ran around 5:20 - 5:30, Girls 6:30 - 6:40.

17 July
Warm-up run from School to Sunset Park (1.1 miles)
Dynamics at Sunset
High "Base Run" from Sunset to the end of the shores (1.5 miles).
Tempo Run from Glorietta Bay Park to Golf Course entrance (1.5 mi)
Base to Tidelands (1 mile)
3 x 1,000 at VO2max pace at Tidelands
Jog back to school 1.5 miles
Total distance around 8.5 miles.

21 July
Warm-up from School to Tidelands with the usual stop at the Orange Avenue Park for dynamics (1.5 mi)
30 seconds on - 30 seconds off while running from Orange Ave to Tidelands park (.8 miles).
High Base Pace from Tidelands to Pomona Park (2 mi)
2 x up Pomona Park Hill (one each way to the top ... 1/2 mile)
Jog to 10th and Glorietta (1/4 mile)
Run hard to top of 10th street hill then jog to the start of the "Coronado Dunes" (.53 miles)
Run the Dunes hard from the "C" in Coronado to North Beach (.68 miles)
Jog back to school… Total distance between 7.5 and 8 miles.

27 July
We ran 2.35 miles from the school to Tidelands Park the long way while stopping at the Orange Ave park for Dynamics (at 1.2 miles) and five 30 seconds on - 30 seconds off for the last part. At Tidelands we did a 25 minute High-Tempo workout on the grass by running 400 meters on and about 60 meters off continuously around the park. This was followed by 30 picnic table step-ups and core. The last part was a 2.35 mile run back to the school for most and 1.5 miles back for some of the others.

2 Aug
1. Usual warm-up to Tidelands from the school with 4 or 5 thirty second on..thirty second off strides.
2. One mile at Tempo Pace… 3-4 min recovery
3. 1000 meters at Race Pace for 5k … 5 min recovery
4. 800 Meters at VO2max pace (this is your 2-mile race pace - 3 min recovery
4. 400 meters at about 1600 meter pace.

4 Aug
We ran from the school to Tidelands via the usual route 1st street, dynamics at Orange Ave Park, 30 second strides to Tidelands.
At Tidelands we did 5 sets of 300 at "mile race pace," followed by a walk-back toward the 300 start of 100 meters, then 100 meters at best 400 pace.
The rest between the 300-100 combo was a walk back to the start of the 300.

300 at mile pace
100 walk
100 at 400 pace
300 walk
… 5 sets

7 Aug
Ran from School to Sunset park where we did dynamics.
Then 7 x 800 at 5k race pace with progressively shorter rests.
3:30, 3:15, 3:00, 2:45, 2:30, 2:15, 2:00
walking rest 5 minutes..
Then 7 x 200 at around 800 race pace with 3 minutes between.
1 - 3 miles depending on athlete easy run after.

9 August
Pomona hills (strength) 30 second reps 1-2-3-4-3-2-1

11 Aug
Ran to Tidelands by the usual route where we did 4 x 1-mile at paces ranging from 85 - 92 percent of mile race pace with about a 5-minute break… (Divide the mile time by .85 for the first one, etc.)
New runners did 1k repeats at their pace.
Run back to school.

14 Aug
Today's workout, assuming you're following along.
2.4 mile warmup from school to Glorietta Bay Park where we did dynamics and strides.
20 minute tempo run from there to Tidelands.
Faster runners ran around the park to get the full 20 minutes, slower ones made it to the park so everyone finished about the same place.
10 x 80 meter starts
Run back to school

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Tentative Training July 10 - 16

Training this week (July 10 - 16)

Folks.... there are less than 7 weeks until our first meet.... hopefully you've been following the training plan.

Assuming everyone has progressed through the training in the post prior to this one, here is the plan for next week... We'll met Monday, Wednesday, Friday at at 7am at the track, but we won't train at the track. If you haven't been training, the workouts below are probably not for you. Get the base work in first. You can come to the workouts but you won't do the same training as the ones who are ready. If you're out of town or otherwise can't make the workouts let me know and I'll give you a personalized plan. This is nearly all aerobic or high aerobic training.

Start every session with the Lunge Matrix
Get-in around 10 strides at the end of base days at about 800 - 1600 pace
Get-in a 20 minute core session twice a week (at least)

15 minutes base
10 x 2 minute tempo with 2 min jog
10 minutes base
What we did:
1. Ran from school to Glorietta Bay Park (2.5 miles)
2. Did dynamics there.3. 10 x 2 minutes at high tempo pace with 2 minute jog.First 2 got us to Pomona Park where we did 4 reps.Last 4 were along Glorietta Blvd to Tidelands.Tempo pace was determined using the Daniels Chart on our blog.Boys ran around 5:20 - 5:30, Girls 6:30 - 6:40.

On your own... 45 minutes of base/recovery

Progressive Long Run (faster at finish)
..or 10 x 1000 progressive tempo
What we did:
2.5 miles school to Glorietta Bay Park.
Then ran toward IB along the bike path for 10 minutes
4 at base pace, 1 at 5k pace, 4 at base pace, 1 at 5k pace.
Turn around and did the same for 10 minutes back to the park.
Then base pace to the tennis courts where we picked-up to 5k race pace again to the entrance of the golf course.
This was a little over 1k.
Base pace to the bike batch along the bridge and another fast pick-up to under the bridge (about 1/3 mile).
Base to Tidelands grass until everyone had an hour of running.
The ran back to the school at base pace.

50 minutes base/recovery on your own

Hill or strength session:
What we did:
We did the hill session at Kate Sessions Park.

1 mile hilly WU and CD around park plus several steep intervals.

Saturday - Sunday
Rest or 40 minute base
If you need rest on Sat, rest but do base on Sunday
If you do base on Sunday, rest on Saturday.
Monday we'll do  a VO2max workout

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Early Season Training

Here are some examples of  early season training broken-up into New or Just Starting Runners and Returning or Experienced Runners. Also you may be someplace in-between. Don't think that the training below is written-in-stone as the most important part of your training is constancy and getting in the weekly long run. Don't skip a lot of days.... try to run nearly every day. Each day, unless stated otherwise you should do the strides as explained in the post immediately below this one. Let me know if you want me to set-up a Google Docs training log just for you. That's the best way for me to keep track of your training on an individual basis. All I ask is that you use it and post to it after every workout.... Coach Green

Just Starting or New Runner                              Returning or Experienced Runner
Day 1...   25 Minutes Base                                      35 Minutes Base
Day 2...   25 Minutes Base                                      35 Minutes Base
Day 3...   35 Minutes Base (Strides After Run)       45 minutes Base (Strides after Run)
Day 4...   See Post Below for  Pomona hills            See Post Below for  Pomona hills    
Day 5...   25 Min Base  - No Strides                        35 Min Base - No Strides
Day 6...   25 Min Base                                             35 Min Base
Day 7...   Rest                                                           Rest
Day 8...   35 Minutes of Base                                  45 Minutes of Base
Day 9...   See Post Below for 400s                          See Post Below for 400s
Day 10...   25 Min Base                                           35 Min Base
Day 11.... 35 Min Base                                            45 Min Base
Day 12...  25 Min Base                                            35 Min Base
Day 13         See Post Below for Pomona Hills … Both groups do the hills
Day 14...   Rest                                                          Rest
Day 15...  40 Min Base - No Strides                        45 Min Base - No Strides
Day 16 ... 20 Minute Tempo Run
Take your best 1600/mile time from track this season and add 20 seconds.
Then look at the Daniels Table at the top of this blog to find your tempo pace.
For Example someone  at 4:27 would use 4:46 for a tempo pace of 5:40 or so.
Someone at 5:32 would use 5:52 for a tempo pace of around 6:53.
After a 2 mile warm-up and dynamics try to hold this pace for 20 minutes.
If you can't without it feeling like a race, jog for a couple of minutes and start back up. Continue like this until you've run at pace for 20 minutes.
New runners .... just guess at it and run progressively faster than you normally would for a base run.
Pomona Hills:
2 mile dynamic warm-up
Jog 1st mile. 2nd mile bounding, skipping, last 200 very fast
6 x 120 - 200 meter hills From the Sidewalk along Pomona next to the playground to 8th street in Adella.
Jog back down.
2 mile jog home .... core after hills or at home.

400 Meters Race Pace Workout
2 mile dynamic warm-up.
8 x 400 at current 5k race pace
See the tab at the top of this blog called "Daniels Pace Chart" for the pace.
You'll have to guess at your current 5k pace... guess slow and if you feel ok you can pick-up a bit.
Take a 2-3 minute break in-between. If 3 minutes isn't enough recovery you're running too fast.
* If you're new just do 8 pickups of 90 seconds during a 30 minute run.

2016 CC and 2017 Track

I haven't posted on here for quite some time because of time constraints.
However I have been writing for both the Coronado Eagle and Coronado Times.
Here are a few links that cover the last 2 seasons of Cross Country and Track on Coronado Times.

2016 Cross Country

2017 Track
-Coach Green