Sunday, August 27, 2017

Training Aug 28 to Sept 10 and Bronco Roundup

 Below are the workouts we did from Aug 28 to Sept 10 plus the Bronco Roundup results.
Obviously the new members of the team will not be able to handle all of this. However, since each quality session also includes several miles of warm-up and cool down, they'll get their base mileage in just by running to and from the workout venue. As they progress they'll do more and more of the faster running. On Sept 9th we have our 2nd meet.... The Bronco Invite. Hopefully we'll have some of the new runners ready to compete by then. Since Bronco has novice races, most of the team should be able to run.... All races at Bronco are 2 miles.

28-Aug  Mon     Special Endurance 1 --- 6x150 (2 mile WU -- Long Cool Down
29-Aug  Tue     45 min Recovery, core
30-Aug  Wed     30 minute Tempo - Core/GLC   (2 mi WU… 2 mi CD)
31-Aug  Thu     Strength Training on the Coronado North Beach Dunes. 90 seconds on with 3 minutes off (walk/stand) 6 times
1-Sep     Fri     Recovery
2-Sep   Sat     Long Run Time is runner specific  - Core:  if needed rest or Recovery Run
3-Sep   Sun     Recovery or base
4-Sep   Mon     2x1000 at vVO2max, 2 x 800 3-4 seconds faster than vVO2max, 4 x 400 at mile pace and faster.... At Tidelands with 4 min rests
5-Sep   Tue     45 min Base or Recovery, Core/GLC
6-Sep   Wed     4 x 800 race Pace Repetitions …. Bronco in 3 days
7-Sep   Thu     45 min Base or recovey
8-Sep   Fri     Warmup and strides
9-Sep   Sat     Bronco Roundup at Kit Carson Park

Islander Cross Country Teams Compete at Bronco Invite
Last Saturday our girls' and boys' cross country teams competed at the Bronco Roundup hosted by Rancho Bernardo at Kit Carson Park. The Roundup is a popular early season meet for many of the better cross country programs in the county. We managed to get into the Division-1 races which were limited to 15 schools. The significance of this for the girls' team is that our top two Western League rivals, University City and Cathedral Catholic, as well as our top CIF rival, Sage Creek, were also in the same race.  All races were 2 miles long over rolling hills with a series of steeper hills starting at the one-mile mark for about 450 meters. In the girls' Varsity race, Teresa Perez placed 3rd with a time of 11:40 followed by Madden Hundley who clocked 12:16 for 19th place. Abigail Hundley was 35th in 12:46 followed by Claire Morris (41st in 12:51).  Jessica Ehret rounded out the scoring in 46th place with a time of 12:56 followed by the pushers Naya Tamirez  (12:59) and Natalya Gomez (14:03).  Team-wise the girls placed 3rd overall with 135 points. La Costa Canyon was 1st with 65 and El Camino 2nd with 70. University City placed 6th with 155, Sage Creek 7th with 174 and Cathedral Catholic 8th with 177.
The Coaches Poll for the top 10 teams in the county just came out and the Coronado Girls are currently ranked 5th overall. They’re the only CIF Division IV team in the top 10.
 In the boys' Division-1 race, Spencer Busby placed 7th overall with a time of 10:17 followed by Ian Hurlburt (25th in 10:40), Cole Mullins (11:04), Casey Harris (11:14), Connor Jaynes (also 11:14), and Grant Hawthorne (11:34).  Sage Creek won overall with 87 points. Cathedral Catholic placed 8th with 205, Coronado was 9th with 208, and University City was 10th with 254. It's too early in the season assign much significance to the team placings as, like us, many of the schools probably didn't have all their top runners in the race. But, at least, we appear to be in the running.
 In addition to the varsity heats we had several runners in the JV races.
In our girls' JV race Abby Fabiszak ran 15:33 followed by Regina Czerewko in 16:03, Kate Ruiz in 17:23, and Emma Kilfoil in 17:34. For the boys' JV race Andres de la Lama ran 12:14 followed by Kento Kitabayshi in 12:46, and Will Leonard in 13:43.

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