Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Workouts Aug 14 to Aug 21

We had an aerobic to race pace workout on Aug 16 and  a Billat 30/30 workout on the 20th, and the ZigZag/Powder hill session with the San Diego Track Club on the 21st. The other days were base.

The 30-30 workout is named, after its creator, Veronique Billat, an exercise physiologist at the University of Ille in France. Several years ago, Billat set a goal of trying to create workout formats that would allow runners to spend the greatest total amount of time at VO2 max and would therefore presumably produce the most powerful boosting effect on VO2 max and economy.

We ran three miles 30 seconds on 30 seconds off from Glorietta Bay Park to Tidelands.
Newer runners ran a shorter route... see map below.
This was followed by Core and Yoga led by Madden.

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