Sunday, October 14, 2018

8 - 13 October Workouts

Short week with no school on Monday, and homecoming on Friday:
8 Oct Mon: Base on you own
9 Oct Tues - Special Endurance 1 on grass 6 x 150 fast with 5 minute interval(6-8 miles total with     WU and CD)   Less for those racing on Wed
10 Oct Wed: JV race : Varsity Hills at Morley/Balboa or base
11Oct Thu:  recovery or Morley Hills
12 Oct Fri: Friday Homecoming - rest or on your own
13 Oct Sat: Various - we did 5th lane tempo on the track with some (330 meters tempo, followed by 50 m jog for 12 laps.
14 Sun : Rest, recovery, or 4 miles of  cruise intervals with 4-5 x 200 meter pickups at mile pace.

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