Wednesday, July 18, 2018

18 July 2018 Workout

The July 18th workout was a warmup run down 6th to Pomona Blvd, to Pomona Park (after lunge matrix of course). At Pomona Park, we did dynamics, etc. then ran 2.3 miles to the south end of the sidewalk along along Ocean Blvd at base to low tempo pace... see map below.

From there (south end of Shores sidewalk) to South Beach we ran on the hard sand (zero tide today) to the Coroando Dunes, ran the dunes, and stopped briefly at the South Beach boardwalk (top image below).

 From South Beach  we run the dunes to North Beach..Bottom image above. 
Then we walked to Sunset Park, got some water, and did 10 x 80 meter form strides, followed by
-Coach Green

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