Tuesday, July 10, 2018

9 July 2018 Cross Country Workout

For the first workout of the season on 9 July, I took a page from Micah Porter of D'Evelyn High School in Colorado. He's coached two Footlocker finalists and over 20 State Champs. An early workout of his is 200's and 400's at estimated 5k pace, on the track with a short jog in-between. Not only is this a great workout, it gives a sense of pace for running 5000 meters. We didn't do it on the track. We did it at Tidelands Park. Our warm-up was the 2.36 mile route along 6th to Alameda to 1st to Tidelands along the bay.  Dynamics were done at the Orange and 1st park We did 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off from Orange to Tidelands. At Tidelands,  after a little experimentation to get the pace right, we ran eight loops, followed by ten fast 80-meter strides. The table below shows 200 and 400 meter splits for 5k times. The map shows the route we used. We'll come back to this workout several times this season. Total mileage was around 7 miles... Coach Green

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